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    Nice to meet you, my name is Eolande, commander of the Maiden's Faeries. Let me give you a warm welcome to the forum, a peaceful land where you can meet some other Warlords like you.
    Have we ever met on Aternum? I think I don't remember your name... you can click here to register a forum account so I will never forget it!

    See you around!

New Profile Posts

  1. Arci
    What a great time to join an Alliance!
  2. Dartman61
    Why can’t I see levels on Brigand Island?
  3. Supercool6
    Supercool6 BlueRuby
    Your totally the coolest person in the Warlords forum, I love the way you join different guilds to help them out...I'm gonna follow you and revell in your awesomeness hehe
    1. BlueRuby
      Hi Supercool. You seem a really decent fella too...looking forward to seeing you around the forums more and more.
      All the same, you sure it’s me you like this way? Think jin is the one visiting the different guilds to help them out: i gave my all for celtica.
      Awesome how you’ve found a way around recruitment, btw :)
      Mar 21, 2019 at 5:56 AM
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  4. Laly
  5. kevinningshi
    kevinningshi Bruthor
    i payed two times for 1 month diamont. How can I get my money back
  6. Manny
    Manny Bruthor
    Danke nochmal fürs Account reparieren, bzw. wiederherstellen. Lg Manny
  7. bomberjack
    Join The warlord kingdom(Twk) we are growing much in allience rank
  8. bomberjack
    Join The warlord kingdom(Twk).
  9. Debdeep
    Mist is not clearing from North v what to do??
  10. Sebastian71
    Sebastian71 Arci
    Problems account, my friend (Kamil Harasim) pseudonym in the game Dayton (paid player)
    colleague logged in to my game phone and there is no possibility to log in to the previous game status.
    Help needed ! ;(
    1. Arci
      Hey Sebastian! Please reach us via ticket, you can find the Support button from the game settings. We'd love to help you :)
      Mar 7, 2019
  11. Essar
    I have finally reached the point that if I want to make any real progress I need to shell out some cash...
    1. BlueRuby
      Hi Essar, up to you: money or patience...?
      Mar 4, 2019
  12. Supercool6
    Guild leader for Merc2...Warlords isn't just a game, it's a way of life :)
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  13. Supercool6
    Guild leader of Merc2
  14. Supercool6
    Warlords isn't just a game....it's a way of life!
  15. Supercool6
    Guild leader for Merc2
  16. kramer
    3 эпических зелья добавили,а где то что было?
  17. JustinLim1972
    Change is constant
  18. Clem
    Bonjour, j’ai achétéun pack de préparation au combat pour Goruza mais je n’ai rien reçu dans le jeu ..
    1. Ash
      Bonjour, je vous invite dans ce cas à contacter notre Support, accessible directement depuis les paramètres du jeu (engrenage en haut à droite) :)
      Feb 1, 2019
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  19. LiefEric
    Join Celtica! fun, active group
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  20. RasClart
    RasClart SirHunter
    Clearly u need to join Celtica!
    Apply at alliance HQ... love to have the future leader of the known world amongst our ranks!
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