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  • I typed ’warlords’ in search, think 4 alliances listed, has same-ish style and moto as your alliance
    rank 550 / 97160,
    leader ‘Spiritus’ / 2198,
    highest ‘Demo’ 51,705
    both inactive only 3 others with quest points so far
    Good opinions and thoughts posted. Many want to go for myth ship every week. Many want to keep and raise a high total alliance AP. Over last few months quite a few high AP members have left. Bored and wanting to make room for new questing members. Still we keep missing myth ship...
    When they come we will go berserk and be a force to be reckoned with. In the meantime we have relaxed fun, and help our nonmaxed players grow and reach maximum ap in wait for wars. Hope this does not disappoint newbies. Here you will get legendary ship, maybe even a few myth ships, but most importantly relaxed fun.
    I like it
    Cool, missing a couple random shards a week isn't much of a loss in comparison to being part of the BEST!
    Hey Blackadder, it really doesn't matter which way we go. Top spot is great but the only way back is if our new low level players really buckle down and increase their AP and we can help them by getting mythical. We are still number 3 with lots of low level
    However, desertions seem to be done now, and you've found other good players without Myth. Second, Mjolnir is right that occasional Leg->Myth ships would net only 5 shards per ship. But if you guys have other ideas to boost advancement for the lower 1/3 of members (beyond pure grinding), please let us know what you'd suggest - you guys know the game better than we do. :)
    Main reasons we started losing high AP players was:
    1. We aimed for myth ship every week and got it. Over time we started missing it. Still we all wanted it.
    2. Nonmaxed players encouraged, hoped and wished for more questing in chat.
    Then maxed players felt the pressure from most players in alliance, high and low. And honourably left alliance to make room for new questing members. Our AP dropped and we lost no 1 ap spot. There it is. So now we have a new relaxed motto and aim for highest AP again, that is why high ap players have come back. Questions on that? :D
    On the subject on going for high AP and activity. Top gamers Laks, WholeCakeIsland and mijkeee are not in any alliance and have JJ. If they are active and we can reach them somehow, they could join wli when we get open spots. Anybody know their forum names?
    Will collect votes and opinions for a few more days. Optimal is of course myth ship every week AND no 1 AP. If possible our nonmaxed players get strong faster with myth ship. Also recruiting top players from no 1 spot is easier. And when wars appears we are the strongest and most active.
    The difficulty is finding stronger ap players than just beginners. Maxed are getting bored or are happy with current crews. Medium players seem happy with current crew. If a newbie applies we have given them a chance. I am trying to find medium or strong players but none applies.
    Having empty spots are costing us myth ship too. Feels bad to decline a newbie applying, as those points could just help us get myth ship that week. Will try to keep cool and wait for active medium players. Feel free to recruit active friends with decent ap, just no headhunting in other top alliances :)
    I believe the benefit of WLI is the amount of experience available to new members that was why I joined. Yes being no 1 has bragging rights but Being no 1 again would involve active recruitment of max or near max players who have little incentive other than pvp, these are the players leaving the game. Legendary rewards are fine for me mythical would be nice but only 5 shards and 2k gold difference.
    If we need 40 players doing 180 per day for mythical then we can carry high ap members waiting for new content if it ever arrives. Given we have a cohort of new players we can help to improve, maybe we should try to recruit new members above 10 or 20k AP who have at least proven some longevity from now on. Hope that helps :)
    Just my opinion, but you, primer, lesterio, jin and jesper should be exempt from being kicked. Players who have been WLI from the start should have a bit of time. I personally have no feelings either way of which should be the priority. I don't need the shards but like to contribute to help others. WLI is a great alliance and is brilliant for player development. I am easy with what you decide.

    Cheers Stu
    WLI members. Answer this post and share your feelings and thoughts on high alliance AP versus getting myth ship every week. Sign with your ingame name.Hard to have a high AP at the same time as getting myth ship. Please read all comments, before voting.
    Saedorn, IF alliance wars would arrive and be fun, would you play seriously again???
    No strong feelings on this. Completing mythical ship should help newer members develop quickly.
    @Blackadder - yes I would. I’m staying around to get a perfect AP (no time soon since, you know, JJ shards). But the PvP ladder system for end game is broken and no fun. I’ll spend money to support a game, not to be forced to compete. Don’t get me started on crits.
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