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  • Hehe, I hope players start asking for cash back. To send a message! Killrod would break that bank :D I have however still never spent a single dime, dollar, euro. Got enough ingots and gold for my years of constant forging to bring me to no 2 in AP.
    Hi Primer, i just want to say that my phone is dead +- i will buy a new one in black Friday i think so till than i cant play the game..

    just want you to know .

    have a good day and good luck
    Hej, codziennie pije dwa browarki po których moi łucznicy strzelają nie do konca w przeciwników. Najczęściej obrywa się orkowi co go jescze bardziej nakręca do walki. A magowie siedzą w lesie i robią magiczne eliksirytakie jak aperole... te i inne ciekawostki mozesz zobaczyć na własne oczy jak przyjmniesz mnie do sojuszu.. zdradzę również sekret jak zrobić idealnego aperolka według przepisu moich magów :D Pozdrawiam.
    Hi, active player here looking for an alliance. Do let me know if there's an opening. TIA =)
    I will wait. your last member is 55 power.... can I not replace that one? Or anyone that is not active?
    We don’t replace anyone based on AP. That 55 power person has done every quest every day and is active in Chat. That is what we want from our players. I have you on the list and will let you know if a spot opens due to inactivity. Two names ahead of you.
    Hello Primer, can I join your alliance? I am active and play a lot.
    We are currently at 50. I will keep you in mind if something opens up, but I understand if you don’t want to wait.
    Hi Primer,
    my name is "Atlantis".
    I want to join to your Guild Please.
    Maybe im in low rank now but i will give A lot to the guild.

    Thank you in advanced,

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