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  1. Imam

    Exclamation point under army icon

    Thats alliace quest
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  3. Imam

    New Continuously TB for Alliance Quest :(

    Quest task design is to make us use our weak regiment and develop 3 and 5 spot they usually choose our weak regiment and 10 spot mostly our medium ragiment and sometimes take our strong regiment. I cant say this is the right answer to u, but that is what happening to me.
  4. Imam

    New idea Capability of selling potions and shards

    I doubt they will give us diamond for selling that...but gold who knows...lets pray inogames open their mind ;)
  5. Imam

    New issue Jerrika Range bug

    Ive only see her Dual shot crit on each enemy..never see on the second skill make 3 crit
  6. Imam

    FEEDBACK Factions

    For me as middle player,only the competition (pvp) that i only cares atm. I only have 7 max regiment atm with ap around 44K+. Im not so interested again about developing my power,cause i know nothing can i get as my power grow up more. PVP which are design for the end goal is not about how high...
  7. Imam

    (Im)Possible rewards

    Im still get it a lot
  8. Imam

    FEEDBACK Pirate Cove (Jerrika’s Journey)

    Just Enjoy it :p
  9. Imam

    New idea Alliance PVP season

    Yup...i love it
  10. Imam

    how people earn so many cups

    It depend on how strong ur spirit with the game...if u enthusiastic u will be able to get there in short time...and u will always also want to know how to play efficient to get into the top 100. But to get there in short time thats mean u must spend more time to play the game each day. Im...
  11. Imam

    how people earn so many cups

    U can also got diamond from warlord lvl.last season to get at top 100 list need almost 194 in average. Keep progresing ur top 5 regiment and u will be there soon
  12. Imam

    FEEDBACK Version 0.82

    3 updates just discus about same
  13. Imam

    New Armor
  14. Imam

    FEEDBACK Pirate Cove (Jerrika’s Journey)

    Maybe u right...hope the chalenge will still going ON until the end
  15. Imam

    FEEDBACK Pirate Cove (Jerrika’s Journey)

    Idk if its just my feeling or not But today i feel the dificulity of pirates cove has reduced than before? First and second day is very hard Third day is hard Today is just normal Did inogames lowdown the chalenge?
  16. Imam

    How i can win this level ?

    Idk what will be happen with I think u need upgrade ur regiment first cause 2 of your army are very cute (22 and 26)
  17. Imam


    Did the 3S range still start at 191 ?
  18. Imam

    New issue Jerrika Range bug

    U got the point @RealBizkit666
  19. Imam

    FEEDBACK Pirate Cove (Jerrika’s Journey)

    Thanks omni. 306 canon Wow thats a lot :p Around 24K+ in diamond to get that
  20. Imam

    FEEDBACK Pirate Cove (Jerrika’s Journey)

    Sory im not understand this...can u describe it more detail... What is 400 fires average 94? What is 300-310?