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  1. Karma

    Mythical Armor Stats

    This tread is gold
  2. Karma

    New Crown in drop down section

    Yep, Mr. Primer is on the spot :)
  3. Karma

    Answered To the staff or admins

    GH should be rescaled and IF possible, given new abilities for more impact in game and to blend well with other regiments.
  4. Karma

    FEEDBACK Pirate Cove (Jerrika’s Journey)

    Where is Riverton?
  5. Karma

    Answered To the staff or admins

    Didn't thought this tread would bring up so much info. I'm liking it :) That 5v7 pvp seems doable. I didn't catch it so i really don't know the "feels" but i think its a kickk a$s feature in this game. The human vs human isnt so bad too. I would like to see myself being pumpled down and be...
  6. Karma

    Answered To the staff or admins

    Hi and good day! Just wondering when will the south part or the map will be available? The last part in the Xatakan area. Thank s for responding!
  7. Karma

    Fulfilled Best alliance?

    Hi boss
  8. Karma

    Cannot reproduce Quests bug

    Uhm... If you use the hero again in the next battle, it doubles there.. this happens a lot but you only need to play that hero 3/5/10x and thats it.
  9. Karma

    Tavern [ORCS]

    Does the weapon i have also affects it? I have the lighting effect equipped since lighting procs more often that crit itseft in my playing experiences.
  10. Karma

    Imperial Ship Rewards

    Game wants you to play GH more ;P
  11. Karma

    Tavern [ORCS]

    Will the goblin that GG launches also level up or it is based on GG's power/attack?
  12. Karma

    FEEDBACK Factions

    Any tactics for newbies for easy 3staring factions? I have most of the needed units but i haven't/can't max them out since gold is hard in this game. But i really love the factions for giving upgrades that are well needed and specific.
  13. Karma

    New idea Players Creating Own Fortress

    I will follow this idea since it would bring a whole new gaming concept to the game. The buying of the defences e.g turret, terrains etc. could affect strategy planning. There should be a limit also on how many times a map can be modified since whales could overpower everything :)
  14. Karma

    New idea Sixth star

    Those stars will definitely come a long way since staring a unit is hard itself (for f2p). Can you suggest to implement a way of acquire items? Forging is another way tho. I don't mind grinding materials for a weapon or a suit that would have a heavy impact on my regs overall performance. :)
  15. Karma

    New idea Grubak 2.0

    Yes, this i personally tested. GH 1 cell apart from enemy archer then when archers turn, shot my mage which was like 6 or 7 cells away from him.
  16. Karma

    New idea There must be an active way to hunt everything

    It would be nice if those LW wouldn't drop shards most of the time..
  17. Karma

    Tavern [ORCS]

    How to efficiently 3 star for easy farming? Do we need to buff orcs as much as possible? Thanks to those who would comment. PS I'm at stage 15 only so im still weak atm :)