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  1. Recruitment Looking for active alliance

    The Haunted Mansion (tag: boo) has room! Active chatters and questers pulling in mythical ships.
  2. Candidacy Active ask myth alliance

    The Haunted Mansion (tag: boo) has room for you. Active chat and quests.
  3. Recruitment Your mythical ship awaits

    The Haunted Mansion (tag: boo) has room for five new warriors. Active chat and quests (mythical ships the last few weeks); any level, any (non-zero) quest points.
  4. Fulfilled Looking for killers

    Join The Haunted Mansion (tag: boo)! All that you describe plus active chat.
  5. Recruitment Looking to join an alliance

    The Haunted Mansion has room. Active chat/quests, earning mythical ship last time. Look for tag: boo
  6. New Forge question

    For what it’s worth, in that position I continued to develop evenly. The banners can wait.
  7. Recruitment Pikes and Recreation Recruiting - PAR22

    I’m noticing their impact already; this merger is a win for both alliances!
  8. New When to join an alliance

    Well, since you’re shopping.... The Haunted Mansion (tag: boo) is an active chat/quest group. We’re easily pulling in epic ships, pushing legendary. Come put us over the top!
  9. Candidacy closed

    The Haunted Mansion (tag: boo) is getting epic, pushing legendary. We just joined with another alliance, so legendary is in reach. Help us get to mythical! Active and helpful chat, too.
  10. Others have reported that too—devs say they’re on it

    Others have reported that too—devs say they’re on it
  11. Recruitment Alliance merger

    We have room for 17 now (kicked a couple of non-questers). So if you’re tired of not getting ships (or just common ships) we’d love to have you.
  12. Recruitment Alliance merger

    We’re 35 active questers/chatters making epic ships but hoping to grow. You’re an alliance of 15 or fewer that’s hoping to start earning higher level ships. Come join The Haunted Mansion (tag: boo) and let’s help each other get legendary or mythical ships.
  13. Candidacy Looking for Guild

    Enter The Haunted Mansion (tag: boo). Active chat, lots of quest points.
  14. Recruitment Looking for teams to merge with us

    The Haunted Mansion (tag: boo) has room for all of you right now.
  15. Candidacy Nytroh - Looking for active Alliance

    Enter the Haunted Mansion (tag: Boo). We’re knocking on breaking into the top 100 and active (chat and points).
  16. Candidacy Walterdeshin: Looking for an active alliance

    Join The Haunted Mansion! (Tag: Boo). We’ve got about 40 members, are in the top 150 of alliances, and bring in rare ships (pushing epic) each time. Join us on our ride into the top 100!
  17. New idea Alliances forum for management

    I’d find this handy!
  18. Recruitment Looking to join an alliance

    Enter The Haunted Mansion (tag: Boo). We’re in the top 200, earn ships every week, and active but casual.
  19. Answered damage calculation of Orc Guardians "Retribution"

    Fewer units left in the regiment = Retribution does more damage
  20. Answered Did the price/time of healing just quadruple?

    Glitch? Not seeing it on my end (a regiment just got wiped out and is showing the usual 2:51)