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  1. Zancudo

    Fulfilled Sadly, I am retired. Thanks!

    Hello guys. It is time to retire from the game. After almost 3 years playing, I find no motivation to continue. PvP system game (the only motivation item of the game for me) has converted in a extreme bidding game. I must leave room for other players who are more motivated to enter in the...
  2. Zancudo

    Regiment healing system...?

    I think it is the worst part of the game and should be fixed. No matter how many effort and time have you applied playing the game. To win season it is necessary to spent thousand of diamonds (maybe spending real cash).
  3. Zancudo

    Regiment healing system...?

    It is not avaiable since v0.76
  4. Zancudo

    FEEDBACK Version 0.76

    I think adds are good for players wich have not much time to play or especially for low or middle lvl players (end players have a lot of regiments to lose). It is a bad idea remove them.
  5. Zancudo

    FEEDBACK Version 0.76

    I really think that with the introduction of quests, both from the alliance and from the tavern, it is much easier (almost absurd) to raise all regiments to 5 *. There have been many players, (among which I include myself) that it took to us 2 or 3 years to get it. I think it is an intentional...
  6. Zancudo

    New idea Get gold for excess shards and potions

    I'm thinking to doing the same.. But I don't know if I will have patience enough:D
  7. Zancudo

    Investigating Bad time icons on resting troops

    Sometimes I get bad time-icons (black squares) on resting regiments, since new update. Mate 20. Android 9 EMUI 9.1
  8. Zancudo

    FEEDBACK Factions

    Diamonds would be nice for end players...
  9. Zancudo

    Not a bug 3S PvP 164TC

    Yeah, fix it. I noticed that. Thanks.... But I don't know if the chance to obtain a really 3S changes with this bug.
  10. Zancudo

    Not a bug 3S PvP 164TC

    Something really bad is happening with the spanws. Now I have got a 3S PvP battle with 164TC. Please fix it because it is breaking the game.
  11. Zancudo

    Investigating 199 Trophy count as a 1 skull battle

    It is happing to me too.
  12. Zancudo

    Investigating 199 Trophy count as a 1 skull battle

    199TC 2S spawn.:eek::confused::D
  13. Zancudo

    New idea Моды!

    :eek::eek::eek::eek:Are they really working on modified mod?. and, more important, Does it work on online mode and is there anybody playing with this mod? Please devs, investigate it.
  14. Zancudo

    Investigating 199 Trophy count as a 1 skull battle

    I think PvP has been changed. I had some weird spaws today, 191TC-2s and 199TC-3S.
  15. Zancudo

    FEEDBACK Witch Doctor Deactivation

    I really think this is the real reason...
  16. Zancudo

    New idea New way to spend money!

    Any ideas to spending gold for very advanced players would be: - Healing troops - Accelerating the forge - Buying some "wanted" gear with an overrun
  17. Zancudo

    New Player Survey

    1a) yes 1b) 5 2a) 2h 51m 2b) Mythical 3a) 2.5 years aprox 3b) Spain
  18. Zancudo

    New 15% banners

    There is no way. Just luck.
  19. Zancudo

    Color of regiment attack limit and hex outline

    It has been proposed several times, but nothing at the moment.
  20. Zancudo

    New Experience point question

    Exactly as @Candle explain. They are not lost points. It could be fine some new reg lvls: 24, 25..etc.. maybe adding a third hability, to take advantage these points.