3 archers combination?


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The further you get in the game the easier it will be to field different combos to suit the map. On certain maps you can field all shooters and win easy.
I would’nt choose archer heavy army against all guards but against mage/archer/riders it certainly effective.
But sure LA, CA, GG, MF and DG can take on most enemies.
Loose MF for LP/IR or horse if the enemy has many archers.


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Archer is the most powerful regiment in pvp..mostly in pvp u will meet at least 2 archer in enemy list. And its not rare u will meet 3 or even 4 archer regiment in the enemy list.

Its always hard to meet the enemy with many archer on it..sometimes it need more repeat to beat this type of enemy especialy if the map suport enemy archer to get advantage (and many map have this description).

There are 4 type archer (LA and CA is same type), but mostly im very hate when facing GG and LC.

GG usually is out of our range to attack and covered well by other enemy regiment. So usually to reach GG we must do some kamikaze attack to kill her. Especially if GG covered by MF healing which will make her more difficult to kill.

LC is the most smart archer. He will always looking for our mage and if he didnt meet it,he will cripling the most dangerous our regiment to move.

And archer also have high defense and well balanced just like pike and its make archer not easy to kill especially by mage.