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Fixed [4496] T’rut’s weapon bug

Discussion in 'Fixed issues' started by Victorash, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Victorash

    Victorash Active Member

    Jul 29, 2017
    OS version: ios 11.4.1
    Device: ipad pro 9.7'
    Game version: 0.51.0

    Description of the issue:
    This has been mentioned a few times in the forums, but from what I know was never posted with details and how to reproduce it.
    Mainly the bug is like this – if you equip a pike on T’rut, then unequip it and equip the same pike on other unit you will get a desynchronization with the server error. This will lead to the event that the initial pike will transform into a different pike. Most players said that their weapon disappeared, but actually it transformed its stats. Of course that you can get your initial weapon back if you redo all the process.

    Bellow there is a detailed video on how to reproduce the bug and the explanations of what I did:
    1. I equipped the 18% pike on T’rut
    2. I unequipped the 18% pike on T’rut by equipping a random pike
    3. I go to League’s Predators and try to equip the 18% pike
    4. I get the error from the servers – “Communication Failed”
    5. The only way to proceed next is to close the game, force exit it and restart it
    6. Went back to the LP screen and as you can see he still has the initial 15% pike equipped and in the inventory now there is a 10% pike instead of the 18% that was initially equipped on T’rut.

    This I didn’t put in the video but - if you want your 18% pike back you just have to redo the procedure meaning – equip/unequip the 10% pike on T’rut and then try to equip it on LP, get the Error, reenter game and you’ll have again a 18% pike instead of the 10% one.

    I tried with other weapons, it’s the same, doesn’t matter the level, upgrade or type of pike.
    This bug appeared after T’rut’s weapon was changes from a sword to a pike.

    There is another bug with this unit also, when he can have more Critical Hit than normal (what we call a super T’rut). That was reported on the forum, but not posted properly. I have to have a higher level in order to get that, but hopefully will post it soon, or somebody else can do it

    Screenshots or videos:

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  2. Chiri

    Chiri Community Manager Staff Member

    Jun 25, 2017
    This was fixed with 0.58