A few questions for the number crunchers


Back after my brake and to lazy to go through all of the newer forum posts ...
I hope some questions I always had have been answered for sure by now

All of them concern PvP only and maxing out AP

1. the army power is calctulated by your top 5-6 or maybe 7 units?

2. What are the 5-6 or 7 units with the highest base ap?

3. Equipment, I guess Kuromokas and 15% Banner is still the way to go.
Armor is still the balanced ones
Archers: dark moon
Mages: prophets dressing
Tanks: nightwatch

4. With Gozura having her own special 20% weapon which Banner is best for her, the 15% the flat attack power or maybe even one of the others ???

Thanks a lot for any info on these questions


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Pike: Chainbreakers Radiant Harness
Rider: Chainmail of the Fury Charger

If you're asking AP, then for GG it is still the 15% Banner

Top (for AP) 5-6, or 7 Regs can be found on the All-Time Power Leader Board... just look at any warlord with 62,882 AP

@Waarthog, welcome back :cool:


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Very soon we will see many and many players having not only top 5 or 8 regiments maxed out, but also all maxed regiments. Where do you go after that?

If Innogames are reading this - get started working on 6* and 7* regiments now. A third ability to go with that? Sure! But get there soon to diversify max AP, pvp and gameplay. Not to mention, giving players a place to put shards after they reach all regs maxed.

Boring subject, sure! But the end of this game is all maxed regs. We all will get there in the end, unless we refuse to promote regs. So end game or no end game.....

When hundreds, then thousands then eventually all players get all regs maxed out - what then? Do you really think that thousands of players will spend real money to get the perfect 199 average in pvp, just because there is nothing else to do when you are maxed on all regs? Wake up, Innogames!!!!!!!

Start working on something more for the maxed players, we are increasing rapidly, and in the end all players will get there. Start with a new reg, follow up with 6* and 7*, then new content. If you do that, your income will be steady and ongoing. If not, maxed players will leave, and not maxed players will see their future and leave before doing all the paying and grinding to reach max and then NOTHING.

Come on, do something now. Or the game will disappear as maxed players leave, and nonmaxed players connect the dots. Dots meaning they see all leave, and do not fight to become maxed - because then there will be nothing to do except buy diamonds and try to win pvp season. And if it is expensive now, like 20.000 diamonds to be the ONE, just wait a while. When someone pays 50.000 diamonds to get an average of 198.80, what will it cost to get closer to 198.99 or even 199.00 in diamonds? See my point?

People WILL get bored and leave before that happens. A few will pay, but soon discover the scam and boredom. Do something now, Innogames...


Thanks for the Infos @NoName

I was Just wondering how many units are taken into account for the Army power ... The top 5 or more than that?

@BlackAdder666 I was also quite surprised that so little has changed here The storyline is nice but seems more like something for people with little time to do some farming,
I also like the alliance quests so that they do have a meaning other than just chatting ...
All in all nothing game changing or really great ...