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New idea A Little Help with Shard Farming

Discussion in 'Ideas & Suggestions' started by NoName, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. NoName

    NoName Active Member

    Mar 1, 2018
    With the introduction of The Xatakan Empire, and new Regs, which I'm guessing that means at least one Reg Warlords can unlock, and likely some new variety in the enemy. With the excitement of the future there is always a little concern.

    For example: when the Strongholds were introduced it crippled the FK, because the chances of using his Monster Slayer were greatly diminished (way too many Soldiers in each enemy Army); although, I have seen a few changes in my Stronghold opponents lately, so perhaps this has been corrected.

    If there is an introduction of a new Reg the opportunity to use the WC for shard purchase will be effected, because currently we have 4 slots opportunities to buy shards at the WH. If you're patient you can shop the top row only, so basically, you have a 1:7 chance to buy one shard for a Reg you're currently trying to develop. Therefore, if there's one, or maybe two (fingers crossed) new Regs introduced then the WH offering may feel like a lottery offering.

    If there's a way to manipulate what shards are offered in the WH, I'm certainly interested in hearing that. I'm guessing I already have the basic concept down. The Regs we play, or send to the SA, most frequently will have a shard offered in the top row. And, the bottom row will be a random lesser deployed Reg.

    My suggestion:

    Add a third row to the WH

    I would like to see the following...
    1. one more item slot that never comes at a discount
    2. one more shard slot that is for the Regs that never get any attention in my Army, which has a rare chance at a 50% discount, so eventually Warlords will have the opportunity to incorporate them.
    3. Gamble Slot: which can be a random percentage of stuff like the ships, this gamble slot should come at a variety of prices.... higher price = higher chance at greater reward

    Add a third row to the Merchant

    I would like to see the following...
    1. add one dedicated item slot
    2. one more upgrade slot with a rare chance at a 50% discount
    3. Gamble Slot again same as aforementioned
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  2. Dezytrius

    Dezytrius Active Member

    Nov 8, 2018
    So the Devs never told us how they Generate the Items and upgrades for sales?
  3. NoName

    NoName Active Member

    Mar 1, 2018
    If I'm alone in this I will stay in my corner and color, & most likely just delete this post #soon. First I love my PVP battles, StrongHolds are great for mining gold/XP, but the Raiding Brigands LW battles are exhaustingly boring & necessary if I want to customize my Army in the direction I want it to go.

    Okay, so we now have 24 Regs available, and thanks for that.

    And, now we have some Scrolls coming to greatly assist with XP, gold, and Recovery times... again thank you.

    What about the shards? Adding more Regs simply slows the promotion progression :( Now I need roughly 1000 more shards, and no way to influence which direction I want to grow my Army other than repeatedly taking the same unit to the LW. Sure, I can give them a kick start with the new unlock package offer, but this only gets them 2*'s which is about 10% of what's needed.

    We can earn shards a few ways...

    1. The Smuggler Ship: guaranteed 1 and up to 10 random shards
    2. The Imperial Ship: guaranteed 10 and up to 80 random shards
    3. The LW: upgrade, item, or 1-3 shards for the Reg that collected it
    4. The War Harbor: random offer of 4 shards (there's more detail than this, but for now we now we can purchase 4 shards twice daily)
    5. Merchant: random offer, with a varying number of shards
    6. Refresh Button: to again shop from the Merchant, or WH
    7. Daily Rewards: much appreciated

    The number of Regs has increased while the purchasing power of a warlord's WC, and real money has decreased. If I ignored GG & LP additions, and only included the latest three Regs the need for shards has increased by 14.2%. But, the price for the ships, and offers from the WH remain constant. Since my real money (diamonds) & WC, now have about an 85% purchasing power.

    PLEASE Consider:

    1. Reducing the price for the Smuggler Ship to 170 diamonds, OR increase the reward potential to guaranteed 2 and up to 12 random shards
    2. Reducing the price for the Imperial Ship to 1650, OR increase the reward potential to guaranteed 15 and up to 85 random shards
    3. Increase the drop rate of shards from the LW by 5%, just getting the drop of 2, or 3 a bit more frequently would be solid.
    4. Add at least one more slot offered from the WH, preferably 3, so a warlord can buy in the direction they want to build their Army. OR, decrease the price, so refreshing the WH is a reasonable action to consider for an early-mid game Warlord. They're not exactly wallowing in WC's.
    5-6. Change the game auto refresh for the WH & Merchant from every 12 hours to every 6 hours.
    7. Daily Rewards: who am I to complain about free chicken :oops:

    If all of these were implemented I believe would just be bad business from Innogames perspective; however, I sure would like a little help farming and purchasing shards. Specifically addressing the way my WC & real money purchasing power has been effected negatively.
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