Fulfilled Active Alliance seeks Max questers. We offer Mythic.

We earn a Mythic reward every week. I trim low contributors right before payout each week, so no camping. Only those who let me know ahead of time get to stay. We have openings, but they are going fast.
We need peeps who can help us max quests. As in 1080s. Thanks!
Apply today! Phoenix Rising [Flame]

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35 strong and growing. We could use more peeps that do 1080 for quests. Please join us. Cool people, who are reasonably active. Many on each night around 8PM Eastern, as well as the rest of the day.
Looking for quest doers. People that want to help us rebuild. We want to get back to Mythical and Legendary every week. Join us today!
We did our fat trimming early. We have room. If you’re an active 1080 quest doer, you’ll love how active we are. Join us today!
Our members are happy, and productive on quests. We prune zeroes every week pre-payout. Help us to help you work towards maximum rewards every week!
Saturday’s are awesome! Great day for people to join us. We’ve gained 7 members this week and are on track to do Mythical next week. Come and enjoy weekly rewards, but on,y if you intend to do 1080.
Our Alliance is working hard to earn our rewards. Join us if you are like minded, enjoy doing quests, and getting rewarded for your efforts. We strive for 100% active!
I’ve seen a few people join and then immediate leave our humble Alliance. All I can say to those is you don’t know what you’re missing! We’re on a mission... a mission of glorious purpose. Join us today!
Back to 35 strong today. Earning better rewards than ever. Even saw a member score 1110 out of 1080. Not sure how that works, but we’re kicking a$$! Join us today!