Fulfilled Active Alliance seeks Max questers. We offer Mythic.

One spot open, as we ditched a zero contributor. No campers allowed. Join us today, and hit the ground running on quests. Expect to see 180/day!
We currently have 2 spots open for application. Looking only for 100% active players. Max quests daily is evpected unless you let me know. We do Mythic weekly. Apply today!


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We earn a Mythic reward every week. I trim low contributors right before payout each week, so no camping. Only those who let me know ahead of time get to stay. We have openings, but they are going fast.
We need peeps who can help us max quests. As in 1080s. Thanks!
Apply today! Phoenix Rising [Flame]

Thanks for reading,


Hey bruh,
My IGN is Rajhsman, I am more than active, im addicted. I play for a month but so far I haven't skipped a single day and in my previous guild i was one of the few who were doing 1080, so we never went over epic and even epic was only once. I left because of that and your guild sounds perfect. Army rating is somewhere around 300 (it's not much but i just started). Hope to see ya in alliance and hope alliance is talkative as well since chating is great way to spend time while you wait for army to recover.


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Have u spot? I participate on alliance ship quest now but mostly in tragicly lame Alliances....so if u have spot, i am in.
We will have another spot opening up next Monday. Feel free to reply here if interested, and be sure to apply on Monday! We do Mythic weekly. If you do max quests weekly, we deliver the best rewards available. Join us Monday!