Today while looking at my alliance quests I accidentally hit the quest reset button for the 100 point quest.

I cost me my quest progress (I was at 6/10) and it cost me 50 Crystal ( I had intentionally used a reset earlier in the day)

I thought it was great that other effects that cost Crystal or money in the game all ask for a confirmation so I have to assume this is an oversight in the new feature.

Please remedy this and ensure that a simple touch on the phone does not have such detrimental effect.


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Wouldn’t put it much higher than ‘meh’.
Was hoping to keep those diamonds towards the shard bundles in the merchants.

Prob about the 3rd time I’ve done that overall
Funny the devs refuse to even acknowledge these requests.

I don't see a valid reason why it's difficult or impossible other than, we like the marginal bonus income from all those accidental purchases.


They did it! it is in the latest update. anytime you try to spend 50 or more diamonds it will now ask are you sure or something. I dont know for sure cause they release the update in stages to avoid/pre-fix any bugs it causes I guess.