Duplicate Ads not populating and bonus not paid.


On multiple occasions, I have clicked "watch ad", just to have it take me to a blank page, then, once returned to game play, no bonus is paid and no option to "Watch ad" is available. On a separate occasions, I watched an entire ad and then no bonus was ever paid. It also appears that some days I get several chsnces to watch Ads, other days only one or two.. ..


Did you try to watch advs twice? Sometimes you have to do it, otherwise you watched it for free.


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I’m afraid that's pretty standard, Gazgulkilla.
There have been several threads on this before.
I estimate 3/5 video-watching attempts work for me (a worse ratio for others).
Just means you’ll need to watch another for it to work at times. Annoying, because some of these ads are pretty terrible, but no great shakes: it all works out in the end.


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Videos have always worked for me except for the certain case I asked about above (hence the question) :) But on ios/iphone and old-timer; I understand things have changed since then regarding the video provider and setup and stuff.