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Yeah, it will take a while...guess most people playing, who want an alliance, are in one already. We started a bit later, but new players will always be along. We’re in no rush.

I was in WLI and know from there (and here) that you and your clan are well regarded, with several alternative accounts with you: a great resource!

Thanks for the interest and kind words, Hopps :)
I'm active every day and looking for a new home. 16k power and always get my max points on dailies.


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Two spaces available.
Mythical ship weekly guaranteed in top 50 guild.
900qp required weekly.
Communicating in chat if u have any issues reaching that target is your responsibility.
Experienced, helpful, friendly crew who love to offer advice!!!
We don’t care about ur level, just ur activity.
Come join a powerful, proven team!

Apply here or send me a pm.