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I think it is too easy to go from one alliance to an other. Many players go from one to an old stable alliance as soon as there is a seat just in order to receive easy rewards. All new or small alliances suffers from this behavior. Maybe there should be a weeks rest if you leave an alliance. before you can join aother one.

Tetris L

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A "cool-down" is not a good idea to stop alliance hoppers.

Right now it is not easy in this game to find an alliance that suits you because you can't search by any criteria other than name or scroll down the alliance leader board. Plus, many alliances that are suggested in the search are dead or near dead. This leaves many players no chioce but to hop from alliance to alliance for testing purpuse until they've found one that they deem okay.
I agree a cool down period is not ideal for the same reasons, but some mechanics to encourage loyalty would be nice. I also feel alliances have a very temporary character where players join whoever will give them a mythical ship this week and don't really feel part of a group.
Instead of a punishment, effectively banning a player from alliances for a time, make it a reward for being a long-term engaged member that builds up over time. It could easily be combined with quest participation encouragement.

  • 1% extra gold for each day you have completed all alliance quests in the same alliance
  • 1 extra shard from the alliance ship for each week you have contributed above X points to Eastgate quests
When leaving an alliance the bonus would be reset and you would start building up again once you joined your new alliance. This makes it by no means impossible to leave an alliance you really are unhappy with or to hop around and try things out, but gives a reason to stay once you have found something you like and over time helps build more stable communities.