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Alliances guidelines

Discussion in 'Alliances' started by Arci, Jul 29, 2018.

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  1. Arci

    Arci Community Manager Staff Member

    Jun 26, 2017
    Warlord Level:
    Hello Warlords!

    Here's some guidelines to better use this section. Following these simple advices will help you increasing the effectiveness of your thread. You can use (and change at anytime) one of the three different thread prefixes, with the following purposes:

    New or old player it doesn't really matter, it may happen at any time that you're no longer intended to fight for yourself only and the will to fight under a flag has called.
    Some interesting informations to share in your candidacy are your Warlord Level, your language if interested in joining a local Alliance rather than an international one, your Army Power, your ranking placements and everything else you'd like to tell about you that may have an impact on the game itself.

    If you're an Alliance leader looking for potential members, you may like to share something about your Alliance to get it known to the Warlord community.
    Your potential fellows could be interested in the rank of your Alliance, the spoken language in chat, how many Warlords are currently fighting for your flag, the aim of the Alliance (Army Power, Trophies, casual gaming, knowledge sharing) and any other interesting detail about your Alliance and the potential recruits you're looking for.
    Don't forget to share your Alliance name and/or tag :p

    Once you've find the best Alliance that meets your interests or your Alliance is done with recruiting, you can change the thread prefix to Fulfilled. Have fun with your new friends!
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