New Are there no more ads? I still have the button but never available. Running people off?


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Never had them myself but quite a few fellow alliance members report them being gone but returned after 2 days.
They had the icon but no ads to show.
One reported the icon missing completely, for him the ads has not returned


No ads for several days. Got rid of scrolls too!! Xatakan empire incomplete and still can't do story line because short one boss. You all said it was going to be released soon last October!!! It appears Inno games has lost complete interest in this game and you all are probably just using all your resources for some other BS game!! I have paid for things with the expectation of you all releasing new content, but nothing.... Just one disappointment after another!!!


Anyone else out there as pissed as me? Please share your concerns and demand your money back; 1st through Inno who won't do crap but filing complaints through Google play will work once we get enough people to Express how Inno games keeps saying they're going to fix this or add that, but never do since they have everyone else there continuing to make half ass games and RIP off the public!!


Unbelievable. Must wait for over an hour between battles. Why ?
1 hour is way too short for players that allow their units to be killed.
I disliked the change they made to cut repair times because it makes this game too easy.
Now you complain about this still being too long...