BI Barrel Damage Type: Physical or Magical?


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Hey all! Wondering about the Brigand Island exploding barrels. Is the explosion physical damage or magic damage?
Knowing would help me gear up for the harder CVs.



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From the way my mage took damages from the BI cannon, I would say it's Physical Damage.


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Did some tests. It's not physical or magic. In fact, defense doesn't matter at all.
Barrel explosions do a set amount of damage. Amount probably scales based on level.

Tested each of these loadouts 3x each at Brigand Island lvl 35. Same damage each time.
The unit with the higher HP lost fewer soldiers.
641HP x 28 = 17,948 damage
491HP x 37 = 18167 damage
So the explosion probably does 18,000 damage at BI 35.
UnitPhys DefMag Def# Soldiers1st Explosion2nd Explosion
Savant Mages - 641HP228298115-28-29
Savant Mages - 641HP325227115-28-29
League Cross - 491HP326227130-37-38
League Cross - 491HP218293130-37-38
League Cross - 491HP181227130-37-38