Answered Campa Baleem?


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I am unable to explore Campa Baleem. Is this by design or am I missing something? Any help to get access to it will be appreciated.


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Hi Simon, welcome to the forums!

Campa Beleem area has not yet been released. Devs are releasing the new content in the Southern continent in instalments. Hopefully not too much longer til the next one...


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Hi BlueRuby,

Thanks for the reply. Hope we don't have to wait too long. I was a little peeved to be honest. I have been loving playing this game and exploring. This is the first game I have downloaded and enjoyed so much I decided to spend some money (quite a bit) on. And only a few days later I hit this wall! Reading this forum I see the game has been going for quite a while, yet the map doesn't appear to be that large. Lets hope I dont get bored before they release it! Thanks.


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Hi Simon, no fear of that:

I’ve been around since near the beginning of this game (near 3 years?) and have watched its progress. Black Anvil produced this game and fell by the wayside...Innogames took the game on again halfway through(ish) this time. They’ve done an excellent job breathing life into it and making it bigger and better.

The Southern continent is not unfinished, per se: it’s being reinvented. The southern continent was complete but is being reworked, revealed to us in instalments.
I believe this year we’ll also see some reworkings of alliance features and, possibly (hopefully) pvp.

It’s a great game and I get the feeling it’ll be around for a long time yet.
Great to have you along :)
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There is no doubt its a great game. I am just a bit sour I have run out of places to explore for now :(. Much prefer this side of the game, to the tournamnet side. Its good to know for now, that there is more to come though. Thank you for responding and giving me hope.


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Congratz for exploring all the explorable @Simon :p

For sure exploring new areas is fun and rewarding, but this is obviously not be the only progression you can find on the game. Now that the map is mostly displayed in bright colors, you can put the focus in improving your regiments to reach WL 23, that will take some time. In the meantime you could try to set a personal record on PvP trophies on a season, or in one of the two strongholds ;)

The next alliance update will bring even more objectives and challenges and many more are planned to be implemented in the upcoming months ;)


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Things needed to keep WoA alive in the long run:

1. Factions need to be downplayed, ie roll back or remove last 2 updates.
2. A new map section and especially a new reg needs to come soon.
3. 6* and 7* regiments need to appear some time, why not sooner than later.
4. Some other exciting new content must come soon.

I still love the community, cooperation and turn based action. Do not want game to disappear because of players leaving, so something on the above list has to materialize - of course sooooon...


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Some other game will be happy with my measly $20/week and my patience is not without limit. Taking away ability to level units without buying is not the way to reward players that try to support the game. You need to get something new for me to do...or you will only have old-timers still playing.


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Warlords lvl to 30 and 6* with jerika not so much we want last 1 year, Vip status as well with various benefits)) let us spend our money ;)


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Warlords lvl to 30 and 6* with jerika not so much we want last 1 year, Vip status as well with various benefits)) let us spend our money ;)
Bonjour, je réussi à trouver encore du plaisir à jouer, mais l attente du mirage campa commence à devenir long. J espère ne pas quitter le jeu avant son ouverture.