New idea Daily quests


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Instead of changing to diamonds permanently, giving option to choose between original gold reward and new diamond reward would be nice for newbs.

Yes, some players still need gold more than diamonds, don't make fun of us.
Omni suggestion is great. He wants only rhat for 3/5/10 fights you get diamonds. Thats 98 per quest whitch is not a lot. I would even multiply by 5. With this you can buy your gold. No the gold would still be a gift of the final ship. Its only that maxed player as me have nothing of value everywhere. There was a time diamonds where behind every stone. Brigand island, market, sky arch and loot wagon. They disappeared everywhere except pvp.
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if DEVS change daily quest rewards (gold) to diamonds 3/5/10 it will resolve much problems with inactive and freelancers and motivate all lvl ppl in game
Diamonds sound more interesting, but the number proposed is actually worth less than the current level of gold.


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I'm guessing since they removed the minor diamond count we used to get on BI, not likely to give them as rewards now. Would raise participation to be more consistent thou.