Do i unlock all?


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I have unlocked 15 regiments and built them up to lvl 20-21.
I felt this allowed me to
* upgrade them as the upgrades became available,
* keep my gold high (+900,000),
* control my army power to a level that I could still manage round 15-20 in both strongholds
* easily finish daily quests

With this new system that will go out the window, right?

What should I do now?
Looks like I'll need to unlock more units that'll be lvl 1 and dump my gold and potions on them, right?


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That's a choise.

All unlocks -> all level up and gear up to increase tavern levels and finish alliance quests
Unlock only 13-14 -> sprint to WL23 with few regiments, alliance quests ONLY on the unlock regiments and, after, unlock regiment one by one to increase tavern levels

The better choise is the more fun choise for you i think.