[Forum Game] Complete the story with 4 words


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Hello everyone!

Let´s have some off-topic fun around here with this game: Complete the story with 3 words.

It´s quite easy! I´m going to start the game with the most famous 4 words of storytelling and anyone else can follow up with 4 words (no more and no less!).

* We cannot make double, triple or more posts in sequence; (example: I cannot post 4 words and then right next post again in order to contribute with 8 words in sequence... I must wait for someone else to post after me so I´ll be able to post again);
* Please, let´s avoid bad words and keep the game clean. :)

When we reach a decent amount of posts we´ll figure out how great (or senseless) is our story. :D

Have fun!


Once upon a time...


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I found it a little hard to understand this story so far so i'll write the whole thing in this message:

"Once upon a time on this wonderful forum the darkness began to make way into the Mines of Moria, where TPB rested in peace almost many thousands of years. Until one day his master found 3000 Vitamin X life pills. When he took one he just started to feel a tingling in his upper stomach. Suddenly a car came..."

by and Toom-Pah thought: "...