[Forum Game] Complete the story with 4 words


Hello everyone!

Let´s have some off-topic fun around here with this game: Complete the story with 3 words.

It´s quite easy! I´m going to start the game with the most famous 4 words of storytelling and anyone else can follow up with 4 words (no more and no less!).

* We cannot make double, triple or more posts in sequence; (example: I cannot post 4 words and then right next post again in order to contribute with 8 words in sequence... I must wait for someone else to post after me so I´ll be able to post again);
* Please, let´s avoid bad words and keep the game clean. :)

When we reach a decent amount of posts we´ll figure out how great (or senseless) is our story. :D

Have fun!


Once upon a time...
In a faraway place