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Guideline of Bug & Issues section

Discussion in 'Bugs & Issues' started by Chiri, May 20, 2018.

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  1. Chiri

    Chiri Community Manager Staff Member

    Jun 25, 2017
    Dear Warlords,
    we are introducing a few guidelines for this section in order to have some order and make this section more useful to everyone when trying to find and create bugs, also, it will be easier for the team to reproduce and report these bugs.
    Before creating a new bug thread
    1. Check the created threads in order to see if your bug is already reported
    2. You can use our Search section to make easier this task, you will save time to everyone and help to keep this section ordered.
    Creating a new bug thread
    1. Please, use a proper title that describes the issue, titles such as "Bug", "Issue", etc... won't be clear and the team might change it to give it a title that everyone can understand and will help to users when searching whether a Bug was reported or not.
    2. You will have to fill a template in order to help the team to reproduce and report the bug:
      • Detailed description of the issue (include reproduction steps as accurate as possible):
      • OS version:
      • Device:
      • Screenshots or videos:
    3. If a thread is made without template the team will inform the creator to modify the post in order to adjust the content to the template and if the creator doesn't change it after certain time, the team will discard the bug and send it to Archived issues.
    Replying to a bug thread
    1. The team may not know when a bug will be fixed, this is up to our internal development team, so please, do not insist about this.
    2. Please, reply with useful information about the bug, you can use the template described above if your information is different from the one who created the thread, if you just want to state that it is happening to you, please, only provide your OS version and your Device.
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