Hello all...

Markus Hartmann

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Hi all,

Im new and Play the game about 3 or 4 month. My englisch is not the best. Maby some people can give me hints and tips for earn more gold ans other interesting things.

I look for a way to get to Drrakhar.



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Hello Markus,

Welcome to the forums!

It is good you have found these forums as a way of learning more about the game.
As a way of finding other German speakers, who might be best placed to help you learn, I would recommend looking for a German-speaking Alliance.

If you press on the Alliance button on the map, you can see clans actively looking. I had a quick look on the top 100 list and saw several, though they seem to be full. I did see 1 space left in ‘Krieger des Lichts’ (no. 71j...maybe you could apply to them?

If that doesn’t work, we have spaces in our Alliance, Celtica. We do help out wherever we can, though we only speak English. Or, ask questions here on the forums and we will help you where we can.

All the best


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There’s a tweak for the devs to implement.... an option to search for alliance by language spoken....