New idea Idea for top players


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I have a idea for players which maxed their units and have nothing to do (bored).

There appear special stronghold. The system is like brigand isle but without any timers.

If you win one level, you get 1x special crystal and some upgrades, but no gold. If you do with CV, you get 2x crystal. You cant play this level again if you win and this stronghold dont restart (Its like BI).

With special crystal you can improve units - example increase number of soldiers, HP or increase special ability like more defense on forest or more bonusdamage. You choose what you do and swith brain on. This special crystal cant buy in the shop!! Dont make game pay for win because its cheap

This stronghold have 100 levels. The number of orks are fixed and dont effect to your AP (like fractions). What I want see in stronghold:

- At start orks should be hard like 3 stars, 5 units with 500 soldiers (total 2500 soldiers). Each level increase soldiers to 100-250 (total 3000-3750 soldiers)
- At level 30 orks get 4 star
- Try use less mages and archers. They are quite challenge
- No skeletons
- On end you can use 6000-10.000 soldiers with 4* or 5 archers each 4000 soldiers and ROF