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League's Harbor PvP Discussion

Discussion in 'Tactics & Strategies' started by Gottspieler, Feb 9, 2018.


How difficult do you find League's Harbor?

  1. 1 - Extremely easy

  2. 2 - Quite easy

  3. 3 - Slightly easy

  4. 4 - Neither

  5. 5 - Slightly difficult

  6. 6 - Quite difficult

  7. 7 - Extremely difficult

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  1. Gottspieler

    Gottspieler Active Member

    Sep 21, 2017
    League's Harbor
    League's Harbor.jpg
    Tiles: 55
    Width: 11
    Height: 6
    Rounds for CV: 5
    Foe starting tiles: J3, J4, J5, I6, I3

    I really like this map due to it's design and the opportunities it gives. It's the longest map in WoA with a length of 11 rows and its shape is also very unique. Still, there hasn't been any discussion yet about this map and that really surprises me. Here we go!

    League's Harbor Gridded.jpg

    I will collect useful Ideas from the discussion in this starting post for easier Navigation.
    • Follow the link to the post for videos
    • follow the link to the post for videos
    In this discussion you can post any Ideas, screenshots or Videos concerning League's Harbor and find out how to master this map.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2018
  2. Gottspieler

    Gottspieler Active Member

    Sep 21, 2017
    General Strategy (Starter Archers in AI Army)

    This is a pretty easy map for me and I always face it the same way. The only thing that is different every time are the regiments, I choose them according to the foe's army.
    This is how I face it when there is at least one starter archers regiment in the foe's army:

    Regiments: Riders Regiment and the rest depending on AI army: Generally Mages for Guardians and Pikes, Pikes for Riders, Archers for Mages, Riders for Archers but also depending on defensive stats of AI regiments

    First Round:
    Three regiments move to C-Column: C2, C4 and C6, preferably Riders and mages.
    Two regiments move to B-Column, preferably Pikes and archers, archers are positioned in uppger Rows to deal with mages and Pikes in Lower rows to deal with Riders.

    From these positions the enemy can be reached very nicely in the second round and I finish this map with CV in all of my 3S fights.

    Here is a Video:
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
  3. Gottspieler

    Gottspieler Active Member

    Sep 21, 2017
    Dealing with Riders

    When facing Riders on this map there is one particular trick with starter pikes I use to get rid of them pretty fast.

    first round: Starter Pikes are placed in B-Column (B4 or B5)
    AI Riders will always move to C5, D5, E6 forests in the first round so in the second round they can easily be seize positioned out of their forest with downhill bonus by starter pikes. If they're not KO yet they can be finished off e.g. by Mages in these forests :)

    Here is a video:
  4. Jin

    Jin Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2017
    5v6 4S 199T against Blackadder. No GG to field so I expect to lose up to 2 regiments. Open map, not easy to bottle up 6 regiments.

    Not many CS on both sides. I'm glad AI took 3 strikes each to ko my TB and LA. Should have taken out AI LP then my LA might have survive after withstanding a 'Retribution' strike from AI DG. Weird MF moves on my part towards the end of battles. No logical explanation except senility. :D:p
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