Loot Wagons


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I dont know if this is anything new to anyone, but i developed a system where i let the dwarf without upgrades (just apply the troop ones) and then only collect LW with him. I apply the upgrades to other troops until everyone is completed, then i finish the dwarves, since they are melee, tank and usually very close to the LW. Dosent work for Faeries and Ogres, but MF can reach the LW easy since she flys and the only ogre im lvling is GG, i lose the Crushing Victory when she need upgrades.
That way i can keep going with CV + LW most of the time.


You can easy Take LW with GG and MF and get a CV. The goblins she shoots and the Tree can capture the LW ... Those two units are the easiest to get LW and CV.