Love, Warlords-style


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Last night, I was out for a nice dinner with my wife, chatting away when, as we gazed longingly over the candle on the table, this came to me:

Gillie, Captain of the Guard,
Challenged Grubek, “come on then you tub o’ lard,
Come over here, come cop a feel,
Of my sword, made of steel,
Yeah, I win! Now, where’s my shard?”

Of course, I shared it with her, wooing her, and now she’s mine forever.

Any other Warlords-related poems, jokes or stories come to anyone they’d like to share?...that I can then pinch, pass off as my own, and help remind my wife how lucky she is?
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This is really cool! I wouldn't be able to come up with something like this that easily (actually I am really bad at making poems, songs, etc...)


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Heh...thinking how this might continue, (obviously) off the top of my head...

Cried Grubek, 'Wait, that wasn't fair
Your kit's so shiny, but you don't wear
Leather straps, so tight, so rough
And underpants, not quite enough
We'll go again? At my lair?'
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