Mithrite cores... Do they exist?


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I restarted the game when the update game into affect and have run into a problem. I'm at Grubak #15, have fought many other bosses, am constantly at work to get what I can from Nordvig's and while I'm finding the frostite cores, I haven't found a mithrite core in at least a week.

This is holding me back because my regiments are now level 8 and 9, but I'm having difficulty levelling up my equipment. I have only found 13 mithrite cores, have a crazy amount of iron ingots to put to use, and could immediately upgrade 26 pieces of equipment... but no mithrite to be found for the last while. Is this a glitch, or simply unlucky with drop rates?

This could pose massive challenges to newer players that cannot upgrade their equipment... Is there maybe a way to combine and split cores just like ingots in the future? Kind of a problem right now.


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Innogames wants you to buy cores in shops. One of the many bottlenecks to progress.
I'm completely fine with buying them in shops (and have done so as long as I'm not using diamonds), but am still coming up short right now. Even if I had used diamonds I would only have had 1 more mithrite core so far


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I'm running into the same problem. Muthrite cores don't seem to exist anymore.

I'm not opposed to spending money on a game, but I am opposed to spending money on a game that *forces* me to buy items like mithrite cores, which are essential to the gameplay itself.

This is exactly why I wait to spend money on a game, as games like this seem to stop you from progressing unless you spend money. I understand spending money to be better or to have something cool, but requiring users to spend money to progress in ridiculous. Mithrite cores are fundamental to the progression of the game. It's not like buying shards or anything like that. Without mithrite cores, there is no progression.


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I would recommend checking all 3 updates of the faction merchant each day. The first slot always has a chance for uncommon and rare cores and then depending on your faction progress epic and legendary cores added into the mix.


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I asked my Alliance members to verify. One of them reports he currently has Mithrite Cores available in Nordvig Merchant for 400 faction coins. This confirms they are part of the rotation.

Based on something I saw in another thread I believe you have to advance to various levels in each factions story before different level cores become available. But if you are seeing higher than Mithrite now that should mean Mithrite is part of your rotation.