Mythical Armor Stats


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Mystical items update cost. I have collected number

2. 5500 8h
3. 6800 8h
4. 8200 8h
5. 9500 8h
6. 11000 8h
7. 12500 8h
8. 14000 8h
9. 15500 8h
10.17000 8h
11. 18500 8h
12. 20000 8h
13. 22000 24h
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Marcus Pitt

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Hey Primer, I just discovered this thread. Not sure whether you keeping it updated but I can help with some items...

Gifted Heirloom lv1 522/283
Spellbinder lv1 189/782

Mage -

Divine Battlecasters Garment
661/0 and 968/0

Gifted Heirloom of the Grandmaster
???/??? and 764/415

Prophets Dressing of Harmony
378/567 and 553/830

Spellbinder Costume of Majesty
???/??? and 277/1146

Aether Cloak of the Magebreaker
0/992 and 0/???

Marcus Pitt

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BattleSeekers Glory lv13 1260/380

Mounted -

Relentless Warbringer Cuirass
1091/0 and 1598/0

BattleSeekers Glory
861/260 and ???/???

Chainmail of the Fury Charger
624/520 and 913/761

Rune Forged Stallion Battlegear
312/717 and ???/???

Mystic Hellrunner Mantle
0/910 and ???/???

Marcus Pitt

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Cloak of the Master thief lv13 346/1146

Archers -

Keen Sharpshooter Surcoat
827/0 and 1211/0

Cloak of the Master Thief
236/782 and ???/???

Silver Fox Vesture
652/283 and 955/415

Tunic of the Dark Moon Stalker
472/567 and 692/830

Twilight Finery of Kishnes
0/992 and 0/1453

Marcus Pitt

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Behemoth Armour lv13 - 2270/0/???

Guardian -

Behemoths Supreme Armor
1550/0/221 and ???/???/???

Iron Will of the Protector
1223/295/??? and 1790/432/???

Nightwatch Breastplate
886/591/499 and 1297/865/???

Renewed Faith
443/815/487 and 649/1193/675

Remains of the Last Sentinel
0/1034/379 and ???/???/???


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Lol. Thanks for the effort though. Yes, I stopped updating my lame posts when NoName put together the great update Sept 19 and put it here. It had everything I wanted to learn on it.


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Could someone make summary of armor name which are the best to boost Regiment AP ?
So we can decide what type of armor are best to forge to maximize Regiment AP
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Completely correct. I've got little new to add, just a mathematical confirmation of what's been said.

The formular is
f(p,m) = Defense Multiplier = 2/(1/(PhysicalDefenseUnit+PhysicalDefenseArmor) + 1/(MagicalDefenseUnit+MagicalDefenseArmor))

So you can't quantify an absolute impact solely of the armor on AP, because it always depends on the regiment's physical/magical defense (also it's just a factor in the AP formula, so if your other factors are higher, the absolute impact is higher).

Assuming the (untrue) constraint for armor:

PhysicalDefenseArmor + MagicalDefenseArmor = constant

the above function reduces to one unknown variable (either physical or magical defense of the armor). Differentiating to that variable, setting the resulting function to zero (to find the local maximum), and you end up with

f'(p) = 0 -->
PhysicalDefenseUnit + PhysicalDefenseArmor = MagicalDefenseUnit + MagicalDefenseUnit

In English: If the sum of physical and magical defense were constant, the best (AP) armor would in fact be the one creating the most balanced unit, where the unit's physical and magical defense are as equal as possible. But since the sum is in reality different and not following any (easy) rule, there is no general mathematical formula for the maximum, and you need to plug every armor into the defense multiplier formula above. That then coughs up the armors @Victorash put his money on, for highest AP.

The Power Index column in the below table is the result of above formula, with five star level assumed for the unit.

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Just what the doktor ordered