Extra and fair compensation for NIS?

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Nice to get a final answer concerning NIS. Those of us that still feel robbed and not fairly compensated, will now have to accept that the matter is closed. We will just have to accept that time and resources spent to get the best AP gear was compensated just equally as forging the first item you got, no matter what AP it was worth. Also the many years spent forging and forging and forging will not be compensated in any way. Hard to put a price on time, on the other hand, some say time is money :D

Trust is hard to earn, and much easier to lose. This final answer restores a small amount of trust for me, keeping forever silent would not have done that. But sadly, NIS took away a large chunk of trust for me and other players. Many of them stopped playing WoA permanently, many got too tired of nagging for fair compensation, many forgave but will not forget. Just please remember the sh_tstorm and uproar after NIS and trust me that Innogames lost a lot of trust and goodwill - something to think about when you plan the next major reboot of something fundamental in WoA. There have been many major changes during the years, NIS was just the most expensive in loss of goodwill.....


Bryfft, it would be nice if the game would not always take the 5 or 6 best units in the PvP battles (for 4 skull). If it would be more random, it would be more challenging and then the players would be forced to experiment with their armies as it's intended..
Totally agree. Only to use the „weaker“ units in the dailies is not so much fun. I used them in the lower strongholds too. But in 98% of PVP is use my first 6 in 100% is use my first 8 units.

That should not intended by Innogamges.