New idea "Nothing //TODO" in less than 2 months


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It is not completly true but in general is nothing to do...
I am on low level all my regiments are blue, ranked between 12 and 10 except Maiden's faeries is level 13...

Till few days ago game was quite nice and plenty of challanges to do i.e. area around Drrakha, area around Frost-Blood Stronghold and area around Two skull's. Those areas were 3, 4 skulls ranked and it was challange to battle them.

Now I have only 2 open areas (two battles avaliable), both strongholds - which became boring and Drrakha and Two skulls (both too hard).

Later on when I will clear the map (I predict) there is nothing to do than PvP (which is not PvP but wanna be PvP) and Strongholds. Am I wrong?

Why should I spend € in this game?

I have a buget for gaming up to 100€/month. Just stoped playing MyLands while developers are ignorat, admins are even bigger Id10Ts and mostly why there is no challange anymor. I was dominant on our server and stoped spending in game after 2 years. after that we were suggesting and asking and begging... nothing happends excpetd changes for which real mony was necessary but no game improvemnt. Therefore I and most of good spenders decided to stop playing completly. Server is near to collaps now and will be shut down...


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There should be more to do.

Is there any change in plan and if yes which improvemnts can we expect?



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Completly true....
The game is borring, the same stuff over and over again.
I only logon to do ”pvp” now.
And thats also not a blast.... borring as hell.....
The updates come so seldom, its a joke!

I honestly dont know why i am playing it anymore......


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Buy a game for 60 euro and you’re finished in 8 to 20 hours , this is free and you’re busy for months so please stop all that nagging
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