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With the launch of Alliance, InnoGames has taken WoA into a new brighter future. I've noticed the lack of info for warlords newbies on how to make good and timely progress in WoA in the forum. Furthermore, whatever info require for that crucial early stages are spread all over the forum.

To acquire those info, I've started my second journey of warlording, this time with WoA. I'll do the best I can for I doubt I can spend more than 30 minutes per day on this 2nd journey. Hopefully with my experiences and other warlords help, I can extrapolate the info to make them useful.

This guide is for warlords who are interested to reach the end stage of WoA with lots of 5* regiments. As I was fond of saying: "WoA is not a 50m dash in the pool but an ultra marathon ocean swim".:)

WoA Newbies are most welcome to post their comments & questions here. The one thing I do request is please make sure your posts are respectful & relevant. If not then I do reserve the right to ask it to be removed by the author.

PLEASE POST ANY CORRECTIONS NEEDED IN THE 'WANNABES' THREAD OR PM ME. I wish to keep this thread purely info related. Thank you for your cooperation.

I may have been the author of this thread but the ideas, tactics & strategies comes from too numerous warlords to mention one by one. However chief among them are Thunder, Jesper, Anton Amby & Primer.

Grateful acknowledgement to following warlords for their contributions to this thread:
Anton Amby, Drath, Mark Engle, Primer, Victorash, Candle.
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This page is for acronyms (based on Anton Amby post) and terminologies that will be used. They are in alphabetical order & updated regularly.

CA = Caenfort Archers
DS = Dark Shamans
DT = Drrakha's Tribe
DG = Dewport Guard
FK = Free Knights
FM = Forbidden Mages
GG = Gozura's Gunners
GH = Grubak's Horde
IS = Imperial Roc
KG = King's Guard
LA = Lela's Archers
LC = League's Crossbow
LP = League's Predators
MF = Maiden Faeries
NAC = Necro-Anup Cult
PES = Priests of the Eternal Sun (or POTES)
PoX = Pikes of Xataka (or PX)
RR = The Rough Riders
RP = Royal Pikes
RoT = Riders of Torga (or RT)
SM =Savant Mages
TB = T'rut's Brigade
TPB = Toom-Pah's Bunch
TSG = Two-Skull's Gang

"number"* = * level of regiment
"number"S = Skull level of battle
"number"T = Number of trophies
T"number" = PvP Tier
AI = Artificial Intelligence
AP = Army Power
BI = Brigand Island
CC = Critical Chance
CV = Crushing Victory
DMS = Domesticar Strongholds
eos = end of season
FBS = Frost-Blood Stronghold
IC = Illuminating Cascade
IS = Imperial Ship
ko = knock out
LW = Loot Wagon
MS = Merchant Ship
PL = Purifying Light
PM = Private Message (Conversation)
PoK = Potion of Knowledge
PvE = Player vs AI Enemy
PvP = Player vs Player
RoF = Rain of Fire
rr = re-roll
SA = Sky Arch
SS = Smuggler Ship
T5AP = Top 5 Army Power
TC = Trophy Count
ToC = Tree of Corruption
ToH = Tree of Healing
WC = War Coin
WD = Warlords (WoA former title)
WH = War Hobour
WL = Warlord Level
WoA = Warlords of Aternum.
XP = Experience Point

upgrades = regimental upgrades that grant WL XP as well as increasing hitpoint, damage, unit numbers, gold income and etc to regiments.
items = weapons, armours and banners.
forge = use to make your items more powerful
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WoA newbies, please read the following post before you proceed any further or else you maybe wasting your time.
If you want to use the GC combo then you need to seek that info elsewhere. Thank you for your attention.

I'll divide WoA into three stages.
Early stage: Basic to 2*.
Mid stage: 3* & 4*
End stage: 5* & beyond (?)

There are a lot of info for the end stage of WoA in the forum so I'll not be concentrating on that here.

This is DEFINITELY not an all encompassing guide to WoA. It's as the name suggest a guide for warlords newbies that may have lost their way a bit. There are 'things' that I've left out intentionally as 'surprises' that the newbies may find interesting but will not impede their progress. Sometimes it's best to discover 'things' for yourselves than be told what to expect.

Some useful & interesting links.

General Discussions section:


Tactics & Strategies section:


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Started my 2nd journey with no problems. Installing WoA went smoothly.

Went through the tutorial scenarios smoothly. It seems to give a bit more info than what I remembered. For example, in the first LW battle, warlord was told that the regiment that took the wagon will get that regiment's shard or upgrade. I don't remember seeing that in WD.

All landmarks (Boss fights, Alliance HQ, Sky Arch and etc) are visible on the map.
The haphazard way of unlocking regions in WD is replaced by a more oderly progression in WoA. For example, unlocking BI led to Eastgate then onto TB Boss fight and finally Tree of Life region.

I'm at the basic level of early stage of WoA. DG is joined by RP and then RR. All without needing shard to unlock. LA is unlocked by 10 shards from first Smuggler Ship. Shards for unlocking SM is obtained through clearing the Sky Arch. The 6th regiment is LP and is unlocked through clearing shire. The 6th regiment is needed to unlock the SA's expeditions ability. Don't forget to use the SA to gain XP for your regiments. 50XP for 2 hours and 125XP for 8 hours.

I've 4 regiments on Rank 4, SM on Rank 3 & LP on Rank 1.

WL5 is needed to unlock PvP. Regions where Alliance HQ and strongholds are located need to be clear to be activated.

Both the shires battles and boss battles are not easy. I hardly get any CV in those fight. GH can severely damage nearly every regiments except DG. I had to restart the first 2 GH boss fights because I used the wrong regiments and wrong initial placement. The abilities of regiments is yet to be unlock so it took me 15s of thinking before I realised that I can use RR to ko AI mage without counter shock. As far as I can tell DG will be essential in all battles until all regiment abilities are fully unlock (2* level).

The shire battles need to be done in increasing order of difficulty, ie 2S then 3S then 4S. There are lots of 3S and 4S battles. It's a challenge to get CV or even victory at times with no RoF, no battlefield control, no seize position & no lightning nova. Ad for life is gonna get use a lot.

GH boss fight are providing my regiments with more powerful basic weapons. It does help in the early battles to get in a few CC strikes.

SM is now Rank 4. LP is Rank 2 after staying in SA.

Gold is not a problem so far. I used it to unlock regions and on regimental upgrades. I'm going the path of upgrading all my regiments as equally as possible until 2*. I'm putting LP in SA to try to catch up to the other regiments. Didn't buy nor use any diamond so far.

The booster packages to supercharge some regiment are worthwhile if you've the financial means. A word of caution is that be very careful not to make one regiment too powerful than the rest of your regiments.


Faught 2 LW battles and it seems to be easier than regional battles.

Two improvements that I would like to see.
1. No mention of WoA Community Forum at the start. It would be nice to let warlord newbies knows there are help at hands if they ran headlong into a wall at an early stage.
2. The 'forge' function need to be rethink as there's no urgency in forging items until your army is at WL23 and can use Mythical Items. The cost of forging items at lower levels need to be reduced drastically or taken off. The time of forging should remain.

1. So far no XP potion has dropped from any battles. Our idea of expanding Alliance membership and have a compulsory 10 to 15 warlord newbies join so the more advanced warlords can pool their excess resources to help newbies progress is valid.
2. No way to know your own AP until PvP is unlocked.
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Entering mid level of early stage of WoA. I've promote RP and LA to 1*. Unlocking both their first ability.


IMHO, the Seize Position, RoF & Lightning Nova abilities are crucial to winning those early PvE battles. Add in the Cavalry Charge you have a pretty decent attacking force. It's a shame DG 2nd ability of Battlefield Control can't be unlocked until he is at 2* level. If that ability is switch to be first then I reckon a lot of battles will be easier.

A word of caution, unlocking the first ability also unlock the AI regiments first ability. I just got 'slam' by GH in the boss fight and it's deadly. It took out half of LA regiment.

I've also managed to get into WL5 and thus unlocked the PvP season competition.


My trophies ranking is 100k+ and AP is 12. It's kind of fun to compare what I've achieved so far and my 2nd journey 'non-achievement'.:D


Although the ranking is capped until a new WL is reached, the XP gained from battles are not capped. This means that XP continue to accumulate so that the next rank can be reached quicker.


Most of the shire battles rating has drop by 1S since the promotion of RP and LA. This reflects the increase in AP of my army. In view of that, I've also managed to get a few more CV battles.
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Very nice initiative. Seems like you are having a lot of fun playing again.
What is your accont name?
A typo - sky arch instead of sky arck
Some screenshots would be nice - with the map as you progress
I’m curious what is the Tc for 1-4S PvP battles
Keep up the good work
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Working on the screenshot as well as screen recorder.

Very unimaginative WoA name of Jin2.

Unfortunately, I didn't note the T5AP of my first PvP opponent. It was a 1S fight worth 1T and 30WC.

2nd opponent is 2S 3v3 with T5AP of 6 and worth 2T plus 50WC.

The strategies in PvP for the moment is survival of my regiments. No one shooting of AI regiments means that no charging ahead but rather a more tactical slug fest. Ganging up on a single AI regiment and then working on the next. Using village to heal wherever and whenever possible. Taking my time to finish the PvP rather than the shortest possible time.

3rd PvP opponent is 5v5 3S with T5AP of 13 and worth 6T plus 50WC.

Region where WH is located also need to be cleared before you can buy shards and items from WH.

There are no limit of 5×PvP per 12 hours as long as the PvP regions remain unclear. Let see if 5×PvP will be spawned in the next cycle.

Just noted that a 3v3 3S PvP is worth 1T plus 50WC. The actual trophies pay out is 5. I really hope that the 3v3 and 4v4 situation get fix fast because it's affecting the newbies more than warlords in advance stages of WoA.
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haha, you know that I thought that your name will be Jin2. that is so funny.

1S was 1TC this means that they really have a formula to calculate TC according to T5AP. I was working at a suggestion of scaling the T5AP in order to find out the T4AP and T3AP so that the 3v3 adn 4v4 bug would be resolved. But I'm still working. Maybe they will change the PvP system in the end.

one of the information that I found valuable (I didn't try it) is that in case you exp exceeds the WL that won't be lost. At some point that was capped. Anyway I advance in WL so that my units will be immediately upgraded to the max upgrade possible so I have better T5AP
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Shire Battles for Newbies:
Clear the 1S, 2S & some easier 3S battles to get XP, upgrades and gold. I would leave the 4S alone until your army is stronger. Keeping your regiments intact is more important than CV at this stage.

Boss Battles for Newbies:
Same as shire battle, clear as many of the easier one as you can. You're more than likely to have some regiments ko in the process. 15 minutes downtime is not so bad. It'll give you some time to do a bit of strategic planning.

Brigand Island Battles for Newbies:
Clear one level every day. If you don't meet the winning conditions of 1 or 2 battles, my suggestion is to move on and clear the next level. You can always come back to those yet to completely clear levels later on. There are 3 shards on offer plus a LC shard so if you always fight a new level everyday then you have a chance at 4 free shards. If you go back and clear a previous level you'll have less shards. Just keep moving forward until you got stuck on a level then you can go back and clear a previous level.

LW Battles for Newbies:
You must clear as many LW battle as you possibly can in a day. These are spawned every 2 hours. Use the SA 2 hours timer as a reminder. Getting your regiment to that wagon is the objective and not CV. A lot of warlords falls into the trap of trying to do both. Remember that the regiment that takes the wagon will get shards, regimental upgrades or items.

PvP Battles for Newbies:
Try to clear as many as you can. I would rr all 1S and 2S and hope for better ones. You can wait for another 24 hours to rr those that you didn't get a better result as long as they don't prevent you from uncovering new PvP regions. There are no CV in PvP so take your time to heal up your regiments before knocking off the last AI regiment. The 12 hours rule of 5×PvP spawn was not working as it should be. I'll investigate further. I'll post some of my PvP battles in the maps created by Gottspieler in Tactics & Strategies.
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11.08.2018 Diary.

Managed to clear about 10×PvP, mostly 2S. There is a 4S that I've tried twice and have to reset twice. I can win 4S as Jin but as Jin2 is much tougher than I thought.

I bought a discounted RR shard at 300WC from WH. The only thing worth buying are the 3 shards in the top row if you can afford it. There's no point in buying any item except mythical. The 600WC shard is too expensive at the early to mid stage. The WC-gold exchange is not a good idea because you need all the WC at this stage to get the badly needed shards to promote your regiments to 2* as quickly as possible.


I've 2 unclear PvP on map but only 2 new PvP were spawned. However there was a newly discovered PvP region that have 3×PvP which I didn't tap "discover" before spawn. That means the spawning rule considered PvP in newly discovered region as new spawn. Newbies need to make sure newly discovered region are "visible" on map before spawn and total unclear PvP must be no more than 5. This is rather complicated for some newbies to work out.

Even though I've cleared the region around FBS, there are no clue as to unlocking the stronghold.

I've not got any problem with gold at the moment. As can be seen by the screenshot, I've closed to 10k in gold. One of the reason some newbies are experiencing gold shortage is that they are forging items. That could drain your gold reserve quickly. As I mentioned before, there does not appear to be an urgency to forge items and so far I've not see the need to do so. InnoGames really need to rethink that part of WoA.

Clear another level of GH boss fight and RP is now Rank 5. LA is not far behind. RR and DG needs 2 and 3 shards respectively to gain 1* status.
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I think the Stronghold is not part of the PVP area. You have to unlock it from the North/East by clearing the Shires.

I remember the Devs saying their was only one way to enter the PVP area now via WarGate. You can’t cross the bottom and you can’t come in from the Northwest. Similarly you can’t go from PVP into those areas either.

Love your posts. Kind of wish I had time to do the same! Enjoy the Journey!
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12.08.2018 Diary.

All regiments now Rank 5 except LP.

With the increase on AP of my army, I'm also able to increase my rate of CV especially in shire battles. The boss fight and BI 3rd battle is still too hard to get CV.

Bought a 2nd shard from WH to promote LP to 1*. InnoGames has found a way to make use of LP 1st ability in early stage of WoA. I just use LP 'impale' ability to ko GH and won a tough level boss fight. LP next mission will be up against TB to see if I can unlock Tree of Life region and another region next to Alliance HQ.

Warlord Newbies, please read the text on those cut screens because there are clues in there on how to progress in WoA. It's where I got the idea of using LP 1st ability to go up against GH and TB.

I'm still baffled by the PvP spawning rule when there are still PvP region to be uncovered. I got one new spawn in the current session while there were only 5×PvP visible.
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I have moved this thread to the Tactics & Strategies section and made it sticky. I like reading your journal :) Keep it up!


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I have moved this thread to the Tactics & Strategies section and made it sticky. I like reading your journal :) Keep it up!
Thank you very much for your compliments, @Bruthor. :) Didn't think my 2nd journey is that important. :rolleyes: Just what this forum need is another thread by me got awarded a Royal Pin to make it sticky. :p:D
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You should have named it Jin Junior! :). Also, maybe it would be good for newbies if we keep the 'journal' clear of spam? Maybe we open a tavern to comment on it. Now this makes me want to start it again too :).
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13.08.2018 to 16.08.2018 Diary.

Not much warlording in the last few days. Clearing the region where Tree of Life is located and I've uncovered the Alliance HQ. I've not decided if I'll be joining any alliances yet in my Jin2 persona.


I'm right into the mid level of early stage of WoA. All 6 of my regiments are now 1* with all upgrades applied as soon as it's discovered. As you can see from the screenshot, I've promoted, upgraded and equipped those regiments as equally as possible. My plan is to see if I can develop 10 to 12 regiments at more or less the same pace. I'll take a video of showing the statistics of each regiments a bit later on.

Gold still does not pose a problem. I think it's because I'm not forging any items. I was able to clear the shire battles with lots of CV. That extra bit of gold certainly help my situation.

Competing in PvP at this early stage of WoA has enabled me to buy 4 shards (2 at a discount). My short season earning of 130+ trophies does not translate much but I'm certain that I'll improve every season.

Once I have 4×1* regiments, the shire battles have got easier with 90% CV rate for me. However, the BI battles have got harder especially the 3rd battle of each level. I've only managed to clear level 1 completely. Level 2, 3 & 4 has 3rd battle not clear. Level 5 & 6 has 2nd & 3rd battle not clear.
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PvP 101 for NEWBIES.

Competing in PvP season is one of the most crucial must do in the early and mid stage of WoA. Forget about the leaderboard at this early stage, what you're after is trophies, trophies and more TROPHIES.

I'll go through the basic of PvP. It's gonna be a very, very long post so please be patience.

The skull rating is based on the relative strength of the T5AP of the two combatants. This means that WoA only considered the AP of top 5 regiments in PvP. Skull rating can be changed by changing the AP level of your regiments after the PvP is spawned. More power decreases skull rating and vice versa.

TC is based on the absolute T5AP of your opponent best 5 regiments. The higher the T5AP of your opponents, the more trophies you can collect. You cannot change the TC of a PvP once it's spawned. The only way you can increase the TC is to increase your own T5AP so that you get more powerful warlords as your PvP opponent when you progress in WoA.

Please remember that it's the trophies that's important in PvP and NOT skull rating.

Some of us used a tier system to rank the PvP opponent AP. My T5AP is about 22 and here are some examples.

Tier 1 (T1): T5AP much lower than yours.
Tier 2 (T2) : T5AP lower than yours.
Tier 3 (T3): T5AP similar to yours.
Tier 4 (T4): T5AP higher than yours.

With my 1* army, I can take on army rank up to T3 and win although with some regiments ko in T3 PvP. T4 PvP at this early stage is very difficult to win. My suggestion is to leave them for later after you've 2 or 3 tries. Remember the skull rating will drop to 3 but the TC stays the same. Essentially you don't lose much except 25 WC.

When a new PvP region is discovered, the PvP seems to be rated as Tier 1 battle. My advice is to rr all those Tier 1 battle and hope to get higher tiers battles. In fact, one strategy is to rr all Tier 1 & 2 battles every 24 hours while there are some PvP region yet to be discovered.

I still can't work out the spawning rule for PvP at this stage of WoA. My best advice is to discover and clear the PvP region during season only so you don't lose the conversion of the trophies you've collected into WC, gold and diamond at eos.

The spawning time is set at 12am & 12pm UTC. You need to work out your spawn cycle in your time zone. 5×PvP are spawn every 12 hours up to a maximum of 10×PvP. In others words, there must not be more than 5×PvP on the map before spawn cycle for you to spawn 5 more new PvP.

The conversion rate is 1:1 for WC and gold, 50:1 for diamonds. I forgot to take a screenshot of the rewards this season but I'll post it next season.
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Alliance HQ discovered.
I may put out a candidacy request on the Alliance thread and see if any alliances are interested to recruit me as member.
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Tree of Life discovered. MF is added as my 7th regiments. The booster pack was offered and I think it's worth spending real money if you can afford it.


I think InnoGames has also added some decription when MF was first discovered.
The cut scene informed warlords that MF is a flying regiment with the ability to ignore RoF, mountains and other land obstacles.


I've managed to bring MF to 1* regiment very quickly with 6 shards from shire battles and the 7th from 3rd battle in level 2 of BI. I'm also fielding MF in as many shire battles as I can for XP gain despite her rather weak state.


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This video maybe of some interest to some warlords in the early stage of WoA.
It's Battle 1 of TB Boss Fight where I've used the 'impale' ability of LP on TB.
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