Pirate Cove strategies


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I'm making this thread for people to share and ask strategies fof Pirate Cove.

I start this by asking hints for todays battle #5. Battles 1 to 4 are like walk in the park and then there comes the 5th. It's a four red skull battle and nearly impossible, if not impossible. I know it's supposed to be challenging, but it's just getting frustrating.

What I could do here? I've tried several combinations, but to no avail.

The options I've tried are
Always pass turn 1 and lure enemy to range

A) take down one archer or weaken them both turn 2. Turn 3 pikes and mages one shot 3 my units and battle is lost

B) take down mage and weaken some other unit. Archers and pike wipe out 2-3 my units.

C) worst option, weaken them all a bit. Mages heal back up and they still wipe 2-3 my units and all of them are basically in full health at the start of turn 3.

Any ideas to try?



A good crit goblin shot by GG on mage can help.
My general rules:
1.kill mages asap, if cant wipe mages dont attack them, best results are when you wipe the mage with GG goblin shot.
2.kill or weaken archers asap

Two rof could also help, but that archers can ignore that...

p.s. your opponents are though, maybe you can consider gear swap for next day. it can lower the difficulty from 4s to 3s.
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I see the main problem as your units are a bit unbalanced. Since the difficulty will be according to your top 5 units this leaves the rest pretty much useless in 4s fights.
As stated in post above I would gear down before next days spawn for easier fights.
This map I cleared with GG, LA, RP, DG and LC. No losses
The problem with fighting the desecrated is that mages are often quite useless to bring, RoF only works 50/50 and same with area control.


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Definitely the most "impossible fight" yet. Was ready to give up many times.

But I took GG, 2 pikes, DG, and Grubak. After 15 or so tries, I finally managed. Move but stay out of range of mages, try to kill 1 archer with 1 pike and gg 2nd round, you must do that shooting goblin, hoping it appears at atleast 900 strong. Then it is a warzone, but never hit a mage unless you can kill it same turn. Never made it to the village, but using forests and higher ground I finally managed to win. 1 reg survived, Grubak...


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Never got to try those hints on that battle, but will try next day. Always thought the items won't affect the difficulty of the battles.