PvP Spawns are WAAAY too Random!!!


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I know that players have been complaining about the PvP spawn system in this game for a LONG time. Some think it gives results that are too low, others complain they are too hard. That is subjective according to player expectations of course, depending on where in the game you are. What is NOT subjective is the ridiculous random range of spawns!

On what planet does it make sense for the game to spawn armies with a 5,500 AP alongside armies with a 1,500 AP?!?! That is RIDICULOUS and should NOT even be possible within the system! There is NO Player-Army which is going to have any use for BOTH of those spawns! So why has such a wide range been built into the system? My Allies get the same ridiculous randomness and those that do a lot of PvP are just as annoyed as I am! If it is annoying multiple people in my alliance then I know it is happening in other Alliances.

Where the Devs set the scale as far as difficulty is irrelevant. Players can tweak the spawns up or down as necessary with various gear-combinations. PvP not hard enough for you? Leave better gear on your top units before the spawn! Simple enough. Too hard? Make sure you have crap-gear on those same units to make spawns easier. Equally simple. But what the players cannot tweak is the too-random range of enemies spawned!

Please Devs, fix the PvP spawn system so that it is not so ridiculously random!!! Seriously! A 5,500 AP opponent right next to a 1,500 AP opponent?!?! Come on, that is just time-wasting annoyance! And I am not even a competitive PvP player! I like to continue beating my own top scores, but I am not competing for the big-board (though I have VERY briefly been on it a couple times). If the randomness annoys me this much I can only imagine the competitive players must be beside themselves because of it!


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Just spend 50 diamonds to reroll. Don’t have diamonds? They’re for sale.
I wouldn't my spending diamonds (and real money for diamonds), if the result of reroll was guaranteed (either weaker or stronger opponent). If I am going to pay for the service, than I want the service to be delivered. The first free reroll could go either way, but the diamond purchased reroll should be guaranteed. I want my pvp opponents to be as strong as possible. Too many times I paid for reroll with diamonds only to get a weaker one. That's just bulls....t.


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Yeah, my Spawn woes continue! The re-spawn madness seems to have actually gotten worse. Last night I had a (roughly) 5600 and a 1800 in the same spawn!!! My sweet spot would be 4500-5500. I would have no problem with spawns as high as 6000 or as low as 3500. I would probably re-spawn the low ones, but at least they would be 'acceptable' in random terms. But a 5600 and a 1600 in the same spawn is simply not an acceptable random range, based on the simple idea that such a range is useful to NO players. Obviously one of the two is always going to be too high or too low!

But I honestly think the ridiculous randomness of the spawns is completely intentional... in order to try to get players to spend real money on diamonds. Sadly, if you do spend the 50 diamonds for another re-spawn, as AngelRipper said above, you just get the same super-randomness!