Ranged regiments must target adjacent enemies first, or move


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Please see the attached image for reference. I understand what the message indicates and what the valid move is. I also know that I can hit the riders first with another unit. So I can hit the guards with my MFs to get around the restriction. What I'd like to understand is why are we restricted to attacking the adjacent enemy when there is another enemy within reach (the Frost-Blood Guards) that can be targetted?



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i’m not sure you’ll get any answer other than “it’s one of the rules of the game.”

However, the word “adjacent” in that message is a little misleading. For example, if you move your MF on top of the tower right next to it, then that enemy rider won’t be considered an “adjacent unit” anymore because it won’t be able to move to the same tile as your MF in one step, even though geographically, the two will still be adjacent.

So, your MF will be free to attack any units in it’s range now. Since it’s on a tower, it gets a +1 range which puts that guard in its range even though it’s now 3 tiles away. And since it’s attacking from a higher level, it also gets the high-ground bonus. Add that to the target bonus, and that guard will be toast.


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Well, not that realism is necessarily a priority of the developers in this game (like some of the Pike units being able to literally swap positions with an enemy unit, which is beyond silly!) but I would assume the reason the devs had in mind is that, if a unit of ranged troops in very close proximity to an enemy unit, the last thing those ranged troops are going to be thinking about is looking for a more distant target! The modern military term would be 'danger close'. ;)


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Thank you both for your responses. @GMiner, yes you are right that putting MF on the tower will make me be able to target both. But sadly in that particular scenario that tile is where my MF ended up, don't ask me why :). So it is really limiting because if that guard would have been an archer with high soldier count then my MF is toast. I could have targetted it with my SM and MF and kill and take less damage from the mounted ones. @Arcturus I in that situation the archers will be more of a danger and we can ignore the closer one. I wonder what the dev team has to say to that :)