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Regiment Stats and Comparison (Take II)

Discussion in 'Tactics & Strategies' started by Loraykin, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Loraykin

    Loraykin Active Member

    Aug 31, 2018
    With the outbound year, I feel my motivation to keep playing this game is running out as well. I’ve been hanging on way past what I normally would have, because I wanted to finish the regiment analysis I’d started, and share it here.

    For anyone not wanting to delve into all of it, THE CONCLUSION (after months of staring at numbers):

    Just go with the flow of what you like, the regiments are too close among their own type stats-wise, the only thing that's really different is their abilities, and this is the one thing that you can basically not express by numbers... :p

    For anyone else, this excel workbook was a lot of fun to create, the game within the game to me, and maybe it can be of use to someone else. It contains the following sheets:
    • Current: Calculates Army Power of the regiments
    • Upgrades: List of upgrade items. Can be used to track the upgrade progress
    • Gear: List of gear (weapons, armors, banners)
    • Stats: Offense, Physical and Magical Defense and “best” available gear for each regiment type
    • Comparison: Compares Attack/Defense/Army Power between regiments, level can be adjusted
    • Levels: Links regiment level to gear level
    • AP: Army Power of all regiments at each upgrade level
    • Att: Attack of all regiments at each upgrade level
    • Def: Defense of all regiments at each upgrade level
    • Regiments (MF, SM, FM, …, GH): Stats for each individual regiment. Enter here which upgrades have been applied



    In the table, just fill in the green columns with all the numbers in the regiment description marked below, the rest are constant or calculated columns. The main information here is the individual army power of a regiment. You can check the total army power against the one displayed in the alliance view. If you want to know your top5 army power (which determines the strength of your opponents in player vs player and in stronghold battles), sort by AP and just sum over the top five regiments AP.


    The Army Power formula has been disclosed by InnoGames in this thread. But they left out the ability modifiers, and only said they lie between 0.1 and 0.3. @Gottspieler had a go at it and figured many of them out. The only way to determine them is by assuming values, plugging them into the formula so it places the units in the right order, then changing unit stats (by changing gear), and retesting. A lot. Once you are reasonably sure to have a few values figured out, you’ll want to try and place the remaining regiments as close to known regiments as possible (in AP), and change it by small increments. If the unit order changes correctly, you have the right values, otherwise adjust the ability modifier value and try again.

    I am more or less confident about having figured out the values for the combined ability modifier (ability 1 + ability 2) for all regiments, but only know the individual modifiers for a few of the them. This also means that if you have a 1-star regiment, the calculated AP will be unreliable. For 0, 2-5 stars, it should be exact. Red font denotes assumed and unconfirmed values.

    • The Cost column is the total of gold (in units of 1000) a regiment needs to fully upgrade it.
    • Attack is Soldiers*Damage Multiplier*Offense, divided by 100,000 for readability.
    • Defense is Soldiers*Hitpoints*(3*Physical Defense + Magical Defense), divided by 1,000,000 for readability.


    This sheet works in close conjunction with the regiment sheets (MF, SM, …). The Upgrades sheet takes the information which upgrades have been applied from the regiment sheets. Conversely, it provides the information about the upgrade benefits to the regiment sheets.

    The only column that needs manual updating here is Available, which is the number of items you carry in your inventory. You also need to enter which upgrades you have applied, in the regiment sheets. Once both of these things are up to date, the sheet calculates how many upgrades
    • have been Applied,
    • are Still Needed,
    • are Missing (can’t be covered by what you have in the inventory).
    The sheet also tells you
    • how much gold you can earn by selling the surplus (Bank)
    • how much gold you’ve already spent (in units of 1000 gold)
    • how much gold is still needed to upgrade all regiments (in units of 1000 gold)
    • how many upgrades have been applied in total
    • how many upgrades you still have to apply
    • how many upgrades you still have to find in the game
    The biggest benefit from this sheet is knowing exactly how many upgrades you can sell. While it makes sense to keep a small stack of each upgrade towards future new regiments, you can confidently sell the rest because you know it’s surplus.



    The list of weapons/armors/banners is definitely not complete, but for the important mythical items it should be, thanks to the Mythical Armors and Mythical Weapons and Banners threads (very valuable videos @Primer and @Jin), and it’s reasonably comprehensive for other levels. The gear is necessary for regiment comparison, since it is quite a big part of the stats. The Stats sheet will take the “best” available gear, by assuming the higher up in the Gear table an item appears (for the same item type/regiment type/level), the “better” it is. So you can influence what is considered the best gear, by sorting accordingly. My default was to sort it by the Power Index column, which can be seen as a measure of how beneficial the gear is for high Army Power. I chose to do that, because for the high-ranked players, that's probably what they're most interested in.

    • The Power Index column is
      • For weapons: Critical Chance * Critical Damage
      • For armors: 2/(1/(PhysicalDefenseArmor+PhysicalDefenseRegiment) + 1/(MagicalDefenseArmor+MagicalDefenseRegiment))
      • For banners: Critical Chance (is only better for AP if the weapon has high Critical Damage)
    But it’s down to personal preferences. If you don’t care about Army Power, and instead prefer (e.g.) pure physical armor, pure offense banner, and high critical damage weapons, you’d sort like this:


    Duplicate names get marked red to assist with new input.




    Lists the different regiment types, offense/physical defense/magical defense, and the “best” available gear at each star/item level. That e.g. regiment level 4 (four stars) corresponds to item level 5 (legendary) is an assumption, in reality there is no fixed rule of course, and different combinations will exist.

    The red font values for 4-star regiments are interpolated and might be slightly off. Thanks to @NoName for providing me with all the 5-star values.



    Compares the attack/defense and army power of the regiments. The level can be adjusted in the green field. I feel this is the best view to actually decide which regiments you want to promote. However, the stats across one regiment type are usually so close that the (very hard to quantify) abilities (not included in attack/defense) should in fact be more important to inform your decisions.

    The chart contains the numbers from the normalised table. Normalised means, the army power/attack/defense values have been scaled in order for the average value to be equal for all categories, in this case 100.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
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  2. Loraykin

    Loraykin Active Member

    Aug 31, 2018


    Links the regiment level to the item level. Theoretically you could change the item level here (e.g. set Item Level to “4” in the Regiment Level 18 to reflect that legendary gear is not yet available for you at level 18).

    The values are read by the individual regiment sheets (MF, SM, …).



    Lists the Army Power at each level and for each regiment, reads the values from the individual regiment sheets (MF, SM, …). Since the giant regiments have less upgrade slots, the number of rows between levels varies. There are e.g. 3 rows between level 5 and 6 for normal regiments, but only 2 rows for giants. So filling one row with upgrades advances GG from level 5 to 5.5, while filling one row with upgrades advances MF from 5 to 5.3333. This causes the gaps in the table, and doesn’t mean there are missing values.

    Below the table you’ll find some charts, AP for all regiments and then AP for each regiment type. Note that the y-axis has a (base 2) logarithmic scale, so the AP is doubling for each axis interval. This has the additional benefit of dealing well with empty table cells (you’ll however get an error message when playing around with the chart, which you can ignore). The chart does not actually tell you much about differences in AP (use the Comparison sheet for this), instead it shows AP is very similar for all regiments and levels.



    Analogue to the AP sheet, but for attack.

    Attack = Soldiers * Damage Multiplier * Offense / 100000

    Again, the chart is not well suited to compare the regiments (use the Comparison sheet). But it shows that there is a bigger difference for attack than for AP, the strongest regiment (TSG) has roughly twice the attack of the weakest regiment (TPB). The chart also shows nicely that there are no vast changes in relative strength between levels. The lines run roughly parallel, so a regiment who is comparatively weak initially will not get strong at later stage, and also the factor stays roughly the same.



    Analogue to the AP and Att sheet, but for defense.

    Defense = Soldiers * Hitpoints * (3*Physical Defense + Magical Defense) / 1000000

    This formula means physical defense has three times the impact of magical defense for the combined value, which I think is warranted by the fact that you clearly receive more physical than magical damage in combat. But you could choose a different factor than the arbitrary 3, or refrain from introducing one. The latter would result in mages having a slightly higher relative defense value because their magical defense is higher.

    With the formula above, defense has the widest spread, with the strongest defensive regiment (TPB) being over three times as strong as the weakest one (MF), and the relative strengths again staying quite constant across regiment levels.


    Individual Regiments (MF, SM, FM, …, GH)


    The individual regiment sheets may be used to track the upgrade progress of a regiment. In the yellow column (Done), enter the slot numbers that you have already filled, by entering numbers 1 to 4. The item gets marked green, and the numbers in the Upgrades sheet are updated.


    The individual regiment sheets are also the base for AP/Att/Def sheet, and in turn read from the Current (for the abilities columns), Stats (for attack and defense columns), and Levels (for item level column) sheets. Additionally, the Cost column in the Current sheets is gathered from the sum cells at the bottom of the regiment sheets.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2019
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  3. Jin

    Jin Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2017
    I hereby proclaimed, Loraykin, a shining knight of the realm of WoA and dubbed thee "Gottspieler II".:):)o_O

    You've surpassed what Gottspieler has started. The two of you would've been thick as thief.:D
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  4. Loraykin

    Loraykin Active Member

    Aug 31, 2018
    Thanks Jin. I regret to have just missed him, our approaches to enjoying a game really do seem quite similar.
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  5. Jin

    Jin Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2017
    I like how everything is 'stripped' down to the nitty gritty bits. For any warlords that are interest in how the regiments and other game mechanics works, what you've done is invaluable.

    I reckon this thread deserved a 'PIN', what say you, @Bruthor?
  6. Anton Amby

    Anton Amby Well-Known Member

    Jun 21, 2017
    Warlord Level:
    I still kind of miss Gottspieler, he were so passionate about the game and gathered such a huge amount of information of the game considering he weren't here on the forums for more than ½ a year. :confused:
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  7. alexbb

    alexbb Active Member

    Oct 15, 2017
    Awesome effort, thanks for putting it together!
    One question. How can I determine the best combinations for max AP? What I'm looking for, is to know the 5-6 units that will bring my top 5 at max AP. For the rest I would use pure phis armor :).
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  8. Loraykin

    Loraykin Active Member

    Aug 31, 2018
    You can use the Comparison sheet for this. Just find the units with the highest AP (sort the table if you want). For the army power value, the "best" available gear (at forge level 1) is already included, so this should give you an accurate recommendation for maxing out your AP. If you mean combinations with gear, then have a look at the Gear sheet and the Power Index column - the higher the power index, the better the gear should be for your AP.

    The regiments ranking, by potential AP at level 23 is (total glass cannon ;)...):
    1. IR
    2. MF
    3. DS
    4. SM/FM
    6. LA/CA
    8. LP
    9. DG
    10. TPB
    11. FK/DT
    13. RP/PX
    15. RR/RT
    17. KG
    18. TB
    19. NAC
    20. LC
    21. TSG
    22. GG
    23. GH

    Last edited: Jan 3, 2019
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  9. alexbb

    alexbb Active Member

    Oct 15, 2017
    Very interesting, thank you! Now I know what to focus on.
    Why do we have the difference between DG and KG? I thought they are almost the same as stats, it's just the one ability difference.
  10. Loraykin

    Loraykin Active Member

    Aug 31, 2018
    No worries! It's just the ability. DG has an ability multiplier of 1.35, while KG has 1.3, otherwise they are identical.

    GG and LP is 1.35, too, GH is 1.2 (unless I'm mistaken), all other units are either 1.3 or 1.4. It's pretty difficult to put numbers to these abilities, but they are far too close to each other in my opinion. I think this is one of the reasons why selecting units by their ability (for your fighting 5) makes the most sense.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
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  11. Bibense

    Bibense Member

    Sep 3, 2018
    Awesome analysis... Thanks so much for the info...
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  12. alexbb

    alexbb Active Member

    Oct 15, 2017
    Actually it is very useful to have an idea about the multipliers. For me, I will use the balanced armor for DG, and the full phys for the KG, and bring KG into fights, and DG would be there only for maximizing AP on my top 7 units. :)
  13. Hopps

    Hopps Active Member

    Aug 29, 2018
    Wow, excellent.

    Thank you for this great work.
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  14. Loraykin

    Loraykin Active Member

    Aug 31, 2018
    Sounds like a good plan... also DG is pretty annoying to play against :)

    By the way, if anyone finds mistakes in the sheets, please let me know. I'll be happy to adjust them, while I'm still here.
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  15. St0rmtr0op3r

    St0rmtr0op3r New Member

    Feb 14, 2019
    I'm impressed with all the analysis work you have done.
    Many Thanks.

    BTW. Is it possible to get a copy of the Spreadsheet in a Link?
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  16. Loraykin

    Loraykin Active Member

    Aug 31, 2018
    Yes, Download here.

    The same link is available in the first post at text "this excel workbook".

    Some caution: with the help of Killrod we figured out that some number for IR might be off. IR only seems to be number three for AP ranking, instead of first. I'll try to have a look at it again one of these days.
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