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Release Notes for Version 0.60 - Priests of the Eternal Sun

Discussion in 'Game Updates' started by Bruthor, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Bruthor

    Bruthor Lead Community Manager Staff Member

    Jun 8, 2017
    Queen Anantari, wife of Emperor Theontekes, and Mother of All People, is leading this new regiment in combat. This is the first Mage regiment with a direct healing spell.

    Illuminating Cascade: Eternal Light links are created between up to 6 adjacent regiments. Linked allies heal 60% and linked enemies receive 40% magical damage (each based on attack damage).

    Divine Presence: Adjacent allies (including herself) receive 20% less damage from Desecrated regiments.

    Note: The new area of the Xatakan Empire and the new regiment is planned to be released on February 4, 2019, after the version has been rolled out on all app stores!

    • Sometimes Villages have been displayed in pink. This has been fixed.
    • In rare cases Announcements haven't been displayed correctly. This issue has been solved.
    • Necro-Anup Cult and Neferron no longer trigger their passive ability after they have been defeated.
    • The battleground camera no longer shows areas out of bounds.
    • We have fixed some text issues across all areas of the game.

    Please use this feedback thread to let us know what you think!
  2. Bruthor

    Bruthor Lead Community Manager Staff Member

    Jun 8, 2017
    The new regiment and desert area have been enabled.


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