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Release Notes for Version 0.76

Discussion in 'Game Updates' started by Arci, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Arci

    Arci Community Manager Staff Member

    Jun 26, 2017
    Warlord Level:
    Game version 0.76 is being gradually released over the course of this week. You can find more insight into how the update schedule works on the Game Releases - General Information thread.

    Some changes, however, have already gone live (independently from your app version).

    Already available:
    • The Energy in the Tavern will grow a bit slower and the cost per stage will be a bit higher, but the limit will be also increased (60 to 120 depending on your Warlord level). This means you do not have to login as often any more to make sure you don't lose any Energy.
    • The rewards were sometimes a bit too low, so the average output of Faction Coins and upgrades was slightly increased.
    • To make sure that as few players as possible need to wait for more than one day in the Factions feature (because of not having the required regiments in the army), the Orc Horde will come before Independent in the factions rotation.
    Coming with the app update:

    It's now much easier to find specific upgrades. Tap an upgrade you need, and the game will take you to the stage you have to battle or farm to have a chance of finding it!

    Upgrades that can be found in the stories are marked with a magnifying glass icon:

    After tapping the icon, you will see details of the upgrade and a button to find it:

    Use it to go directly to the necessary Story Battle:

    We hope you like the improvements we introduced :).
    Please use this feedback thread to let us know what you think!