Cannot reproduce Several loading problems against or with 2* PES


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Since the PES's update, almost of battles with or against PES freeze juste after the regiment's choose. That's a recurrent problem and the only issue to fix it is to restart the application. But, restart the application 10-15 times for just one battle is very annoying...

The problem is ONLY if others regiments receive the PES's passive ability. If not, the battle start without problem. Somebody have a solution?

I use Bluestacks or Noxplayer for playing because, my phone is not enought powerful and before this update, i don't have any problem with WoA.



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Same problem with new story quests. Impossible to pass this level, 5 energy lost by try. Any start of the fight after 7 times. Do you have a solution?

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I see you are using an emulator, have you tried in a real device? If so, does it still happen?