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HOT TOPIC Social Media Moderator Needed

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LeCron, Dec 11, 2018.

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  1. LeCron

    LeCron Community Manager Staff Member

    Jun 26, 2017
    Greetings Warlords,

    We are looking for Social Media Moderators. If you enjoy chatting with the other players about the game, and you speak English on an advanced level, don't hesitate to join our Warlords SM Team by sending an email with your application in English to: alex.gasparini@cm.innogames.com

    Be advised that this is a volunteer position, unpaid, but our Moderators and Supporters are rewarded in Diamonds (in-game currency) for their activity.

    You can find the description at the spoiler (please read it carefully before sending your application):

    The Social Media Moderator will implement the game’s moderation strategy on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube, ensuring a safe and legal community environment, promoting first-rate customer service and helping to build up a strong community around our game.

    You will be using our cross-device tool (either on mobile or desktop) which will allow you to quickly moderate all the content created by our players on social media.

    • Implement the community moderation practices on a daily basis, while coordinating with the Social Media Coordinator
    • Review and moderate content within comments received to our posts & tweets, as well as on our monitored hashtags
    • Provide direct support for easy-to-solve issues addressed by users that don’t require disclosure of personal data or redirect users to the appropriate support tool
    • Constantly engage with the users, by answering to questions and further asking questions, in order to build as much buzz around the game as possible
    • Good knowledge on social media
    • Good written communication skills
    • Availability to work via our moderation tool as frequently as possible
    • Photoshop skilled (not required - but desired)

    Thank you for your support, interest, and for playing our game! :)
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