The Ads mistery thread


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This thread has not been started to rant about removal of the ads. It's been started because I got tired of the way the game developers treat us. So, the devs decided to remove ads. Why there is so much mystery about this? I see 3 threads today started by confused players asking what's going on. Howcome no admin shows up to a answer? It was an important feature of the game, it still has its own button, and yet it's gone without one word of explanation. The removal of ads seems to be the part of 0.76 update and yet, in the update summary thread there is no mention of removal of ads. Why?
There's been word about removing of ads and replacing them by something else for quite some time. We've had scrolls, now they're gone (BTW they were supposed to be back in the changed form - soon. What is the status of that?) Now the ads are gone with nothing to replace them. Can we expect anything in the near future (by near I mean - this year)? Why there's been so much mistery surrounding the ads system for such a long time? I am challanging any of the admins to answer all questions contained in this message


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I have 0.76 and I still have ads. I never use them so I had to check to make sure.

Not sure what caused removal, but it wasn’t 0.76.

But I agree with your overall point. Communication regarding changes and answers to questions has gotten to be extremely poor the last few months.


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Most players point to 0.76 update as a a cause of ads disappearance, but it might be just a coincedence, both happening at a same time. The more it calls for game representative explanation, but for whatever reason they doesn't want to comment on that, strange, heh?


I feel for you Angel. I still have ads, and if they were removed I don’t think I could PvP. I only get an hour or so a night, and without a way to circumvent the three hour down time there would be no way.