The gender issue


This post is a comical view on units presented in this game. Please enjoy the read. It is not meant to be politically correct only funny. (I hope)

I came up with the urge to write on this topic due to the gender ambiguity of the artwork of the caracters and the clothes they wear. Sometimes you need to gear down to basis armor to get the pun.


The obvious males

Dewport Guard
Unless we are dealing with a bearded lady, I guess there is little doubt on this one.

Imperial Roc
Dont mess with this guy, the closer he is to you, the more letal he gets. Macho man.

T'rut's Brigade
Although I do not pretend to be an expert on Orc sexual features, I think I am save here.

King's Guard
No comments or issues.

Riders of Torga
Alpha male, dont push him because he pushes back.

The Rough Riders
I dont dare to doubt him. Do you?

Free Knights
Although one might have an issue with his hairstyle, I think he will pass the bill.

League's Crossbows
Easy one

Necro-Anup Cult
Hopefully he is a male, would not dare considder it otherwise.


The obvious females

Jerrika's Jackals
Look like an ex-girlfriend from way back. Nice memories.

Priests of the Eternal Sun
Although I had rather see her announced as Priestess I think I am on the save side on this one.

Toom Pah's Bunch
Clearly she is with child but I am not an expert. Couldnt find anything on the subject on google to clearify the issue.

Gozura's Gunners
Strapless bra and a hairdo that makes my grandma envious.
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The I dont want to know section

Dark Shamans
Can you tell? I can not...

Drrakha's Tribe
Yeah sure.

Grubak's Horde


The Ambigue section
Here it could go either way.

Maiden's Faeries
Female body with the face of the singer of Blur. Girls who like boys to be girls anyone?

Lela's Arches
Rage against the Machine singer has obviously inspired the artist. The armor would suggest differently though...

Savant Mages
We stay at the rock and roll singers here. Adam and the Ants singer has matured but kept the lightning bolt on the cheeks.

Pikes of Xataka
The armor would suggest female features but dont match the face. Probably overdid push-ups and created too much muscles on certain places.

Two Skull Gang
Bit of both or is my imigination running amok here?


My post was not intented to include too much political correctness. But if you like you call Toom Pah an Enby. You be the one to tell him/her the news...OK?