The original Warlords

Mark Engle

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Did any of you ever play the original Warlords for PC, back in the 90's?

I spent many hours playing that game, and it's sequels. Not only vs the AI campaign, but vs a buddy IRL. We'd have to leave the room whilst the other player took his turn

When I saw this version of Warlords in the App store, I assumed it was a throwback to that game. It's really not...just being one grid-based skirmish game among many....but for some reason I stuck with it.

For those wondering, the PC game was a turn-based mass combat game. You played on a large map, with several cities, territories etc to conquer. A predecessor to the modern RTS games we see today.


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More classic games:

Defender of the crown
Railroad tycoon
Bard's Tale
Rainbow Islands
Eye of the Beholder
Genghis Khan (simple but the best!)
Giana sisters
Quake (WOW!)
UFO, enemy unknown (named my top characters Mulder and Scully)
Unreal (looking down at the amazing water on ship always got me killed...)
Sensible soccer
and of course the epic Gods..
Life was more fun in the 80/90ties :D

Mark Engle

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Wizardry....the ultimate dungeon crawler game(early-mid 80's). Played on my Apple IIC. I had stacks of graph paper mapping out those dungeons! Yes, kids, auto-map was a pipe dream back then.