New idea Turns left for crushing victory

Could we get some permanent info on the battle about how many turns we have left for getting a crushing victory?
Right now we get that info on the start of every turn, but most of the times I tap somewhere making it dissapear without looking at it and then I ask myself if this is my last turn or not.
I'd like if we could get that number somewhere on any corner of the screen, so we could know at anytime if this is our last turn or if we have one more chance to heal someone before beating the battle.


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Heh, I’ve often thought that would be useful for exactly the same reasons.
And I remember someone else posted that long ago.

It could be argued that we could just be more observant and careful...but still, it would be handy


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This is probably what I miss most, while playing this game. Highest priority if I could decide, and really not so hard to achieve. So annoying to not know half of the time if you're still within the turn that gives you a crushing victory.


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I agree! One issue that makes it hard is that screen clutter can obscure the notice!

In addition, a turn counter would be nice. It would help keep track of RoF effects


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I’m noticing that the reminder each turn doesn’t always work.
Just played a stronghold battle where my last cv chance was not noted, the next saying I had run out of turns.
I have seen this before. Will log it as a bug if I see it again.

An ever-present counter would be nice


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and also add variable rewards for each turn! Like turn 1 200 gold, turn 2, 180, turn 3, 150, turn 4, 120 and so on, till you are out of turns for CV.


To take this one step further, I would love to see a permantent counter in battle screen for:

- turns already played,
- turns left for CV.

Turns already played would be helpful to estimate power of abilities that become stronger with each turn (e.g. Lightning Nova or enemy equivalents). Turns left for CV for reasons stated by OP.