Unwanted forum ads - report?


To the admins:
More and more unwanted ads appear in the forum recently. Does it help you if we report these fake users?


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Reporting always helps, however we are trying to keep it clean and react as fast as we can. We may use CAPTCHA security measures in the future to prevent spam bots from registering on this forum.
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Any News on CAPTCHA measures implementation? The flood of ad spam is really annoying, there are more ads than actual Posts These days...


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We have enabled everything XenForo has to offer and turned it up to 11! And you won't believe how much spam this is preventing. However, we are also quite annoyed that the "occasional" spam still bypasses all these measures. Our other games have a bridge between the forums and game accounts, which is preventing all kinds of spam very effectively. Unfortunately, we can't implement this for games that do not require an in-game registration. We will put our heads together and see what can be done to further improve spam protection in this forum.


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You are doing a great job. Spam pops up sometimes by the truckload, but next time I log in you have always cleared it...


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Thank you :)

We already set up a strong filter that is catching like 95% of the actual spam, but unfortunately some of the messages that aren't caught are written in chinese and posted when it is still night/early morning in Europe, hence they stay for a couple of hours until someone manually hits the red button.

Anyway, we'll keep doing our best to let the forum a clean and cool space for everyone :D