FEEDBACK Version 0.77


This version has killed the game. Why would anybody bother with a game you can now only play one battle every hour and a half. This is not fun it is garbage. At least before I could watch an add and continue playing. Seriously does this game want people to play it. Well, now nobody can. An hour and a half of no game play. So stupid it’s beyond belief. Now I’m just mad I spent money on gems.
If you must wait one hour after every battle, you do something wrong. I never had the luxery of watching adds for life. This made me needing to make my army wider than top 8 because I needed to take dowtime upto 3 hours into account. Only killed the app if units like GG or MF were killed.
It made me a more careful planner and thus a better player. You have been spoiled a bit by being able to watch adds.
Very nice updates so far. I enjoy the game. Can you perhaps in the future give a inventory list to consult of all possible upgrades and gear there are in the game. Thanks